Wednesday, March 05, 2014

working with wool fabrics

The pincushion is made by wool fabrics and embroidery with different threads and stitches.It's made for a swap friend,Sandra, and we both have flowers as interest.I tried to find out the colour scale she has when she makes cross stitch.So nice to do. I have also been participating in a workshop ,wool embroidery,and there we were playing with forms,colours and stitches.The circles on the needlecase are done by scraps and on them I made french knots.The scraps was a little bit "ugly" but with the embroidery it's really nice.The red item is also made by a mixture of sraps and a fine wool fabric and some stithes.Still I don't know what to use it I still work full time I 'm very happy I have had time to do these items in wool.A very nice feeling to work with wool fabrics.