Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wristwarmers,crochet blocks and a cup of tea

A cup of tea in cross-stitch and you have no problems to sleep.This is a pattern I used for a card to a friend and I have done it before.I love it.It's from a swedish magazine and I don't know the designer.Can it be from DMC?

And one more type of granny square on the theme of late summer.I think of flowers late in the summer and a morning for fairies.We have had a lovely summer so I try to do different squares celebrating it.

I'm in a SAL knitting wristwarmers.A grey pair especially for my sister.She is very fond of modern clothes and she says grey is the colour for the winter and yes I think it's going to be a colour for the summer 2007 too.The cables are lovely.The pattern is from "pulsvärmare" by Birgitta Adolfsson page 56.I made them in Alpacka from Garnstudio.

Why not do a pair of wristwarmers as a present or a Christmas gift?I do.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Autumn squares-knit or crochet

We have had a real autumn day with rain,a little sunshine and so many different colours from the box of autumncolours.
The knitted dishclothes are interesting to do with a coloured thread and for the pattern varigated thread.
I'm a member of a monthly dishcloth KAL group on yahoo.This pattern was the second pattern in August and I really like it.
Here you get more information and links.
Here you find a lot of patterns and the dishcloth I have made is a variation of 3 and 1 checked -2.On the groupefiles there are many good patterns.There you find the pattern to the one I made.Be a member you to.

At the bottom of the page you find crochet and when you click on it you find a lot of patterns for crochet dishclothes.

This is a fantastic possibility to learn different patterns and use it to other things too.

The other square is an easy granny square with different green colours and a varigated one.Both my squares are perfect to show the colours we are surrounded of.The grey clouds are not represented.The rain has made the air good and the garden got a refreshing too after a very warm summer and nearly no rain.

Tomorrow a new week starts and I have 2 projects for the sparetime-a little embroidery for a swap and wristwarmers in light grey alpacka,one with cables..I'm a member of a KAL.More about this later.

I wish you a creative new week