Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunday morning inspiration

An early Sunday morning and I'm drinking my first cup of tea.The last week I have been without handicrafting.A very special week in that way.We have had our third workshop April 11 and 12 and now we have vacation until September.During that time we are working with 3-D projects in white on white and starting our examination work.More about that in the autumn. is a group of people loving to swap postcards and this week has been so great as I have been writing and getting cards from Japan,Taiwan,Russia,Germany,Mexico,Turkey and Finland.It has been so lovely to find a postcard from somewhere and often with lovely stamps on in our postbox.I'm looking forward sending more cards and getting some. A dear friend of mine has been in Maroco and she had this little bowl in blue for me.It's so beautuful and so "glowing".We have a special examination work in November where we are going to show our 5 items in embroidery.As you can see on my pictures I'm very inspirated by the blue colour just now.I have other things inspiring me too but I'm very blue.During my summer vacation I'm doing something of it as time goes so fast when we start working again in August

Friday, April 05, 2013

The result

The embroidery is done and in a way I'm satisfied as I made the patterns myself without any drawings before.Next time hopefully it's going to be better.This time we only had to play with the stitches.