Friday, February 22, 2013

Small things for a little teddy bear

It's a new day and we are enjoying 2 days off from work.I have been working wirh different things during the last weeks.As I am participating in a embroidery course on Sätergläntan I have a lot to do until the next days in the beginning of March.No I have nothing to show of that as we only try to understand how to do an embrodery from something we have been painting.Painting.......I'm really a beginner so....... Often I'm starting my day knitting or crochet even if it's only for some minutes. I want to show you something I have done.I'm doing small items for a little teddy bear.It's going to be for a child who needs to get an extra hug,children who has pain or other things which makes the life harder. The picture shows 2 small items,a little jumper and a blanket. Wish you all a lovely weekend