Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a Merry Christmas

After a day full of preparations we listen to Christmas music.Soon we decorate the Christmas tree and go to bed.24December ,to lunch, we have porridge and different bread and something on.The dinner we have fish(salmon),meat from elk,vegetabilies,eggs,sausages,fruitsallad and.....
In the evening we get the Christmas presents and enjoy being with the family.My sister with family visit us.What a great joy!

27December we have a new "Christmas eve " when the elder son comes home and the younger has birthday-19 years old.We have holidays and hopefully we can enjoy walking along the river and just enjoy the short time of daylight.But every day the daylight grows and we get longer days,hopefully some with sun too.

I try to knit so´cks to my husband.Maybee the are ready 27December.

I wish you a lovely time.
Take care and enjoy life.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Christmascard I made

The last little project in cq I made for a swapfriend.
6 December

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crochet link and a great news

Happy crochet time
A snowman and a reindeer in crochet-sweet and fast projects.

Great news
My elders son comes home from Tokyo 26 December and we have him here for a month.27December our younger son has birthday(19)We are so happy to be all 4 for a month.Hard to live so far away from each other.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

angels in cross-stich

It's Saturday and I have been doing an angel in cross-stitch

The first one from 1986-except for the word.I also hope you find someone to do.So many patterns and so many lovely angels.

Have a nice weekend

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The needlebook I made

Dear all

Now I can give you a link to a blog where you can see the needlebook I made nearly 2 weeks ago.So happy that my friend did this slideshow showing the needlebook I sent her.Thank you P.
7 November

Have a nice time

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A challenge

Dear all my friends

Today we in Sweden have a special day reminding of our friends who are not with us on the earth.We lit candlles on the graves and we often lit lights at home too.I lit an extra light for my mother.

I have had a week of holidays and it has been so lovely.I have been resting,walking,doing embroideries,writing letters and cards.We have had cold but sunny and and the landscape so so white and glittering by the sunshine.The daylight is shoerter and shorter but 23 December it turns.

Violetta Parra has a song
"I want to say thank the life"
I agree

I decided to take up Sandies offer of a challenge
The first 5 people to respond to this challenge, via comments will each get a small gift from me.
Tell me your favourite colour.
Tell me if you prefer a small gift to use in crochet,embroidery,patchwork or knitting.

The catch is, you must also offer on your blog the same sort of offer. This is not an exchange where you send back to me, it's called 'paying' it forward to others who read your blog.

Sorry my pictures are gone out in the cyberspace and I still have no new system.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A time full of inspiration and no pictures on my blog

It's an autumn morning and the nature is in red/green/brown and the clouds don't let the sun shine.
Sorry to say the pictures on my blog is down.Something has happened.
This is a freebee I'm doing just now.We have had a weekend where you have had a celebration of everything that has grown in the garden and for example on Öland they have a big weekend where they have pumps with candles in and many artists have open and you can see their paintings or handicraft.Still we have some vegetabilies in the garden but not a long time.We only enjoyed havin candles on our table while eating dinner.

Halloween is nothing I have celebrated but I do this little ornament just because I now love the colours.I also have done crochet in the colours common on Halloween.
Here you also find nice pattern in cross-stitch.
I'm going to do the one with Peace .

We instead have candles on the graves and we have a special weekend when we think of our relatives who are not with us any longer.I'm going to have candles on the grave of my mother and father.

The young ones in Sweden tends to celebrate Halloween.
This is a new magazine I bought and I love the patterns but I think I want to use other yarns.It seems too much thick yarns and not yarn of wool or cotton

I wish you all a lovely day

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wristwarmers,crochet blocks and a cup of tea

A cup of tea in cross-stitch and you have no problems to sleep.This is a pattern I used for a card to a friend and I have done it before.I love it.It's from a swedish magazine and I don't know the designer.Can it be from DMC?

And one more type of granny square on the theme of late summer.I think of flowers late in the summer and a morning for fairies.We have had a lovely summer so I try to do different squares celebrating it.

I'm in a SAL knitting wristwarmers.A grey pair especially for my sister.She is very fond of modern clothes and she says grey is the colour for the winter and yes I think it's going to be a colour for the summer 2007 too.The cables are lovely.The pattern is from "pulsvärmare" by Birgitta Adolfsson page 56.I made them in Alpacka from Garnstudio.

Why not do a pair of wristwarmers as a present or a Christmas gift?I do.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Autumn squares-knit or crochet

We have had a real autumn day with rain,a little sunshine and so many different colours from the box of autumncolours.
The knitted dishclothes are interesting to do with a coloured thread and for the pattern varigated thread.
I'm a member of a monthly dishcloth KAL group on yahoo.This pattern was the second pattern in August and I really like it.
Here you get more information and links.
Here you find a lot of patterns and the dishcloth I have made is a variation of 3 and 1 checked -2.On the groupefiles there are many good patterns.There you find the pattern to the one I made.Be a member you to.

At the bottom of the page you find crochet and when you click on it you find a lot of patterns for crochet dishclothes.

This is a fantastic possibility to learn different patterns and use it to other things too.

The other square is an easy granny square with different green colours and a varigated one.Both my squares are perfect to show the colours we are surrounded of.The grey clouds are not represented.The rain has made the air good and the garden got a refreshing too after a very warm summer and nearly no rain.

Tomorrow a new week starts and I have 2 projects for the sparetime-a little embroidery for a swap and wristwarmers in light grey alpacka,one with cables..I'm a member of a KAL.More about this later.

I wish you a creative new week

Thursday, August 31, 2006

A snowflake and crochet mittens in winter wool

The sun is still shining and it's warm outside,an autumn so nice and bright.The winter is a long way from here but I couldn't resist doing a little snowflake/a little doily.I'm in a Snowflake CAL an every Monday some women in the world crochet a snowflake.Most of the ones I have made have been gifts to friends.Mostly used in the Christmas tree but this one can a doily,a small one.

From Hege in Norway,a swapfriend for August, I'v got a lovely yarn I have used for crochet mittens anf felted in the washingmachine(40 degrees).It must be yarn not superwash prepared.You also use a special soap.Soft and warm and so beautiful.Hege thank you once again.The yarn is just perfect.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Swap in summertime

A doily I'v got from my Summer secret friend on Crochetville,Fe in the Philipines,is white and really big in pineapple pattern and this is really a lovely one in a thin cotton yarn.Thank you Fe.Sorry I have no link to your blog.She also sent me a lot of yarn,patterns and beads so I'm really prepared for a new crochet season.She has been so kind writing mails and e-cards during the period we had the swaptime.

A just wonderful very special brooch came from my Project spectrum friend in July(lilac/pink colours)Judy in Australia.She makes so many lovely beadworks.She works very artistic.What a happines to have her as a swapfriend.She has also sent my lovely presents as beads and yarn in a great variety of qualities.And some small bijouteries.Thank you Judy.You also gave ne so many things to do lovely embroideries and crochet and....

Later this autumn/winter I come back showing more gifts and what I use them to.

Have a nice new week.I have started working again and there are fewer houres to do handicraft but very worthful ones.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

An air of late summer

An air of late summer

The flowers in the garden have colours of yellow and orange and I couldn´t but crochet this little doily as a remember of the last flowers this summer.

From the course on Gotland some recycling things as bottles and tubes and decorations in crochet and knitting.Our teacher had made some prototypes and we had a breat fun doing different experiments.What a great fun.

Friday, August 11, 2006

6 weird things/habits about myself

Yasmin tagged me and here comes my answer.

1.I can't resist beautiful fabrics.

2.I can't resist beautiful beads and yarn.

3.I often start a project and don't do it ready in time.

4.I try do do things 5 minutes before stop-time.

5.I have many plans/dreams that I never fullfill.

6.I often buy candies when I buy food and I eat it myself.

Have a nice Friday.

Monday, August 07, 2006

A bag I made for a secret friend in Australia

Hello all

I'm back after some days full of knitting and and joy.So much inspiration an so many new skeins of yarn.And all the nice chats with knitting friends from different parts of Sweden.About knitting I write another day.
I only present a bag made in the middle of July.It's made by japaneese fabrics and a little cross-stitch embroidery,a part of a free pattern on the member site of DMC.The colours of the bag are, in reality, a bit darker.I had some different ideas about this bag but the embroidery was a little too dark so I had to choose among my fabrics so the bag could be more bright.The blue japaneese fabrics can be dark too so you have to get some lighter blocks or strips to get the patterns more clear.I'm very satisfied with the result.And the new owner is happy for the new bag.A women can not have too many bags

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

one more links to crochet flowers and to a bookmark

One more link to crochet flowers
And why not crochet a bookmark

Enjoy the things you can crochet in a few hours.

Monday, July 31, 2006

A link to postcards from Gotland

Some postcards showing the lovely island Gotland.

Roses and preparing for some days on Gotland and knitting worshops....

Good morning from a sunny north

I send you all a link for a crochet pattern to roses.

Tomorrow I start a travel to my favourite island,Gotland-the island of roses,to participate in knitting workshops .I'm going to learn more about popular patterns in different regions of Sweden in older times and a little about creating small decorations on a common knitting.F ex on Gotland they have patterns with roses on mittens.You can find these patterns in the Baltic states also.We are also going to visit some who are spinning yarn and dye yarn also.Perhaps we also have a lovely pick-nick in the lovely landsape.And all lovely tal´ks about knitting and life.

Have a nice day

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A little about Crazy quilt- a new link

It's early morning and I'm the only one not sleeping in this house.I found a nice blog about crazy quilting-a blog by Hideko in Japan who I first met on Chahinsofhearts.I recognised that she has a special style I like.I have not been doing CQ for some months now so I had nothing to swap with but I was so fond of her style.Well I hope I can do it in the future.

And on this blog you can find more information of another japaneese CQ-quilter,a very famous one ,who has done books and so on.You can find informations of other things too.
Have a great day.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I try again to give you a link

Look at January 27 2006

Daisy Lane Cottage and other projects and thoughts

I have started a new embroidery -Daisy Lane cottage.On this blog I found a nice picture on it.I have done the door and a little more so this picture shows how it's going to be.

It's very nice to participate in a SAL doing something together.There are a yahoo-group LHN -which means Little house needlework.We are some members doing this SAL.You feel like you are on an embroidery café even if you sit alone with a cup of tea and your little embroidery.

The other thing I'm doing is a bag on patchwork for a swapfriend in Australia.Secret bag.In August you get a picture.I have always on the needles wristwarmers in shadow knitting.

I feel very sad because the violence is growing in some countries and it seems to be real war there.Here we live in peace and other can't sleep,they loose friends and relatives,they loose their happiness,they loose their childhood,they loose everything.Why can't we talk to each other and solve the problems?
Some of my blogfriends also have hard times just now.I send you my thoughts.

Catch the day

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Congratulations to Italy

Congratulations to Italy

The end of WM in football ended and Italy is the winner of this game.
Sorry for France and one of the greatest player in the world.What happened?

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I also want to show you some small embroideries.2 of them are from Praire Schooler-freebees,the tulip is a part of a freebee on DMC and the swedish "horse",a common symbol of Sweden ,is an old pattern I have bought on Tradera.These were done when I had a hard period on my work and I needed something to do and to be relaxed of.I hope I can use the tulip for a bag Im doing and also the horse inside telling the new owner where I come from and I`m going to have my and her name on it.

The doily

Better luck this time?

WM-knitting and crochet

It has been a nice period of wonderful weather and good football to listen to.
Tha bag Fake..gama,a KAL I was in has this result,not ready but nearly.I think it's going to be nice but I have some hours without football to do this to a real bag.A nice pattern to work with and I have made it in double cotton 12/6.

From my One-skein-pal I got a skein of a mixed yarn and this is what I could do of it.Only about 50 meters so ....Nice colours but perhaps a little bit too thick.

From my Secret Crochetville pal I'v got wonderful cotton yarn in turqouise and I made a little doily in it.Wonderful yarn to work with.Anchor Lifestyle.I have more of it and also 2 skeins in a pink and white varigated "Lifestyle".There are going to be more doilies later this year.

Bookmarks which reminds me and you all of the lovely summertime and all the wonderful flowers we just now have here.These are going to be sent to friends in a bookmark swap on Crochetville.

Next project is a bag in patchwork and cross-stitch.
Now I go out in the lovely warm air and wish you all a lovely time

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Friday, June 30, 2006

The last Friday in June

A lovely Friday -the last in June.
A sunny morning and day.
Breakfast in the garden
Made a bookmark this morning.
I was buying food before lunch
The postman came with a lovely card from Mimi on the Philippines.A card full of blue sky,blue sea,beautiful buildings and full of joy and friendship.Thank you Mimi.
I do one more bookmar now while I'm listening on the radion-a man is talking about his life and experiencies of birds,of illness,of life,of friendship,of hope....
We are going to buy a ring to my elder son's girlfriend.
We are going to have dinner in the garden all 4.
We are going to follow the footballmatch between Germany and Argentina
We are going to sleep in the night full of daylight.

I wish you a nice Friday too

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Project spectrum -blue

The Project spectrum with the colour blue for June

I love the blue colour very very much.My swap partner Randi in Denmark sent me 2 skeins of yarn in blue-one in Alpacha and one from Opal.They are going to be as parts of socks.I have Alpacha in another blue and the combination is going to be very good.The other skein I can combine with a varigated yarn.

Tea-already served.Good Earl Grey.The details for the summertable.A soft drink.Small letters and nice noteblock.
Thank you Randi
I hope you have got my package too.

Summer SP on Crichetville and relaxing in my hammock

I'm so happy because my Summer SP on Crochetville sent me the things I really love.Candles so wonderful during our long dark winter.Already in August when we get dark nights I love to have a candle on the table.And the lovely yarn.First of all the turqouise yarn in cotton,exactly for a a little doily.The pink yarn I think I can do some rose doilies .And the beads.The brown/gold I think I use for a doily or for wristwarmersThe patterns are so inspirating.

During an hour in the middle of the day I was relaxing in the hammock.It's so wonderful to see the sky and listen to the birds and feel the warm summer wind.Just to be,not anything else and I really could hear what I thought and I got fresher thoughts.....

Catch the day/the hour/the minute/the second.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Crochet links and One-skein-swap

I found a good link with some free patterns in crochet.Perhaps you find something to do.

And another free only today- a sweet bookmark

I have done the front of my bag so now I begin with the back.A nice knitting.We still have a lovely summertime so I hope I get it ready very soon.

Yesterday I'v got a little skein,40g,Musique from Christal Palace-45% acrylic,40% wool,15% cotton in One-skein-swap.I knitted wristwarmers in it.It was so short -about 50 yards so i couldn't do so much.The yarn is ok but it was hopeless to rip up and it's a little to much combination for me.I never buy this type of yarn myself.I often use cotton or 100% wool or silk.The best for our climate is wool for the winter and cotton for the summer.Sometimes I use a combination of wool ans silk.

Soon I'm going out for a walk,a lovely walk along the blur river.

Monday, June 26, 2006

A nice blog where I found the KAL

Here you can find what you need if you want to knit this bag.

A new knitted bag

The new knitting for me during the WM in football.Yes I needed a new thing to concentrate on and I found a KAL and a pattern a little odd and I think nice.Now I'm on the third pattern row on this.I use natural coloured cotton,Järbo 12/6 and I knit with 2 threads on 4 1/2 mmm.

We have had the lightest night of the year now and it turns to darker periods.We have had a lovely time during the Midsummer and I could be knitting in the garden too.The Midsummer is really a magic time with the nights without darkness,the birds singing and all the flowers that come after a long winter with snow and cold times.

Sweden is not longer in WM.Now I can enjoy every game.I liked the meeting between England and Ecuador but the meeting between Portugal and Holland was really not but a chaos and not a good sportmenship at all.

Today I knit a little and hopefully take a long walk.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ullas Fiber Blog

Dear all

I mean bloggers.

A word

Dear all

2 bliggers,Sue and Yasmin have this wonderful little "game"
While catching up on blogs this evening, I saw this meme here and there. I'll give it a whirl...

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me--it can only be one word long. Then copy and paste this into your blog so that I may leave a comment about you.

This is not so much about fishing for compliments as it is an exercise showing how hard it is to use just one word to describe someone! Give it a try & I'll do the same for you if you're so inclined.

I hope you enjoy it and I'm looking forward hearing from you.Go on with this please.
Have a nice day/evening

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blue and yellow

This is a doily in blue and yellow from "Sömnad Handarbete nummer 2 1981".I made it in aida-12 squares/1" and the embroidery is done on a danish thin cotton from Handarbejds fremme,a just wonderful yarn to work with.The blue and yellow are the colours of the flag of Sweden.

My youngest son has his graduation on Friday and we had many flags around our village and nearly every present they did get had ribbons in these colours.We are so happy he had his graduation with good results and he still has the trust on the future.
And both my sons are at home until August.

I'm also a member of Project spectrum and the colour for June is blue.
The sky is blue.
My favourite colours is blue
The filet square also has a part in a blue colour I love most of all.

Now I have 2 days more on the work before my holidays.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ullas Fiber Blog

Ullas Fiber Blog


This is a crocc-stitch a swapfriend(Fleur) from xstitchpal did for me.This reminds me of the Midsummer night June23/24 and I was a young girl.They told us to go picking 7 sorts of flowers and put them under the cushion and then I could dream of the man I was going to be married with.Yes when I was about 17 i dreamt of a man in grey suit.I saw no face.Well it could be...perhaps blonde hair.I was in love with a boy....was it ..?No if you believe in dreams it was my DH blonde hair.

In Sweden we have a long cross "dressed" with flowes and leafs and...and we dance around this on the Midsummernight and it's called with something like The pole of the Midsummer.

Thank you Fleur for a lovely picture giving me so many nice and a little sad memories.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Dancing in the summer

The birches are green and the nights are without darkness.The girls are dancing celebrating the summer.This reminds me of the Midsummernight(June 23/24) when we have these types of decorations with flowers and leaves on a big "cross".This night you pick 7 sorts of flowers under your cushion and you are going to dream of the one you are going to be married with.Well I did it when I was young and only once I saw a man in grey clothes-no face-very alike the one I was in love with.No it was not the one I'm married with.It was only a wish I had at that time-I was about 17 years old.An unhappy love as often at that time.

I have had a day free.2 days more.Tomorrow I send away presents for some friends and enjoy the summer

A xstitchpal ,Fleur,sent me this lovely card.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Squares,the springtime and a skein from my one skein SP

The spring is here and the green and yellow/gold colours dominate as well.I'm a member of the Project Spectrum swap and the colour for May is green and for June my favourite colour blue.

Thank you my One-skein SP who sent me a lovely ribbon yarn in blue/lilac and gold.A yarn combined with a skein in one colour of blue or lilac I think is going to be just perfect for.....I have not decided what.It came today a long way from Singapore.What a surprise and I really love it.

Granny squares in cotton are wonderful to do and I really feel happy to do them because you have so many possibilities.The green one contains of DMC perlé nr 8 and the other one in thicker yarn.A perfect crochet for a summerday sitting in the garden.

I love theese days with sunshine and warm weather and the daylight nearly 24 hours.You can walk in the sunshine,you have very good light for crochet,embroidery,knitting...... It's easier to live this time a year.You can for a while forget the bad,cruel things you see or read about.
Now I have so many projects for the holidays but too many I think.In three weeks I start a 9 week long summer holiday.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Ullas Fiber Blog

´ May 19 1984 I got my first son.
What a lovely day to celebrate.
I'm so so happy I'v had the opportunity to
give birth to 2 boys.The best I 'v done
in my life.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday my son
Happy birthday to you

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A tree for Christmas in CQ

After 2 day of rain/snow and sunshine I decided to do a little Christmas tree in CQ.Do we get more snow?I don't want Christmas in July even if I love Christmas.The snow melt down.We also had a little thunderstorm so it's really a crazy weather.It's enough to have snow in December.
This is the embroidery I have done and later I put it on a cone by paper used for yarn in silk.Mostly I use fabrics in silk but also 2 piecies of cotton.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Let's laugh/smile

Today we have the worldwide laughing day.
Let's laugh/smile and enjoy the life

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The big day

A nice walk along the river this first morning of a new year in my life.The floating ice on it's way to the sea.The ice can be like silver.This is a promise that we have spring and soon the summer.
And I also want to show you my bonsais and a lovely card I'v got in a swap on the theme of oriental.

I wish you all my friends a creative and lovely weekend

Friday, May 05, 2006

It's my birthday today

It's my birthday today and we have a sunny day and the ice is no more on the river.What a day.
I'v got 2 bonsai trees(small ones) and so so many lovely cards.Today my son is going to do my favourite food and we are going to have a nice day,mostly outside when we have such a nice season with about +12 to +15C.A lovely time after a long snowy winter.

From Susan R in birthdaypals I got DMC threads to a little free pattern-Spring-from Lizzie Kate and thats what I start the day with until the other wake up.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shadow knitted Kitty

Hello all

I found this link to a shadow knitted Kitty

Have a nice weekend.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

I'm doing a little cross-stitch during Easter.

A chinese girl from
Grilles gratuit.Personages.
Les chinoises.

And I have been writing postcards.
I'm a member of
I love getting postcards and lovely stamps from all
of the world and now I do get some cards every

I also take a walk in the lovely weather.

Have a nice Easter.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Joy in April

So happy I could start doing Crazy quilt .I have had a pause since my mother died in August 2005.It was totally stop because what I did the day before she died was CQ and it's very irrational but I got a connection in my mind between the two-death and CQ.I have been reading and looking at pictures and 2 weeks ago I found a yahoo group for beginners in CQ and after some days I couldn't stop doing it.Now I feel like a winner.So happy so.CQ is life.Happy life.My heart is very insprated by snow and winter.I loved doing embroidery with beads and different gold threads.

The second picture shows the wonderful fabrics,threads,beads and so on I'v got in a birthday swap.I was "adopted"
in April because we are 2 in May.This is a symphony of colours.I'm so thankful for these gifts.The 6th of April was a day full of happiness because they did my day so full of joy.So much feelings.Tears of joy and of sadness.

A friend-Lita-sent a block on the theme Japan and she did it so well and combined some technics.I really love it.I hope I can do my birthday quilt for 2005 and have this block in the middle of the miniquilt.My birthdaypals did a block each on the theme of Japan 2005.Now it's only 1 I miss.

Soon we have Easter and I love the yellow flowers,mostly tulips.Today I have got 20 red tulips too.

This morning we got big big snowflings.Beautiful but...we long for spring.The daylight give us hope and we really get the possibilities to work in daylight.On Friday I start a week of Easter holidays.Lovely.

I wish you all my friends a Happy Easter

Sunday, March 26, 2006

quilting weekend

Happy to be back again after a long time full of different "must".This weekend I participated in an online quilting on engelbee-a yahoo group I'm a member of.Our "teacher" is Rita and she has made a lesson how to do a threadspool quilt.And I did a version on it.I have not done the quiltstitches and a frame but as it is now I'm very happy for it.Thank you Rita.

Last weekend I was on a course in scrap quilting and I used small pieces of fabric for the spooles,not striped as it was on the "pattern".I'm happy to find that this technic to use scraps gives many opportunities .As you can see I have not used but 3 fabrics twice.I'm going to play with scraps many times more.They are also useful when you make cards so don't throw away small piecies of fabrics.

The winter with snow and cold nights is normal this time a year.I couldn't but buy this flower bouquet to remind me of the season coming late up here.It reminds me of Easter which comes in a few weeks.We have a time with much daylight,not yet 24 but....

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lovely gifts

A heart in crazy quilt .

A lovely blogfriend of mine has sent me a heart in crazy and it has embellishments too.She has put a tatting on it and there are beads and embroideries of different types and a print I have been longing for so so much.I haven't had any possibilities to buy it and now....I have it.Thank you Linda.
Her blog has many interesting informations and the links are just wonderful.And all the wonderful things she or her friends have done.Enjoy.

The other little card is from a friend on xstitchpals -a yahoo-group.I sent her roses and a butterfly and she sent me this very sweet well done card.Thank you Kath.
To swap is very very nice

Lovely gifts

A lovely blogfriend of mine has sent me a heart in crazy and it has embellishments too.She has put a tatting on it and there are beads and embroideries of different types and a print I have been longing for so so much.I haven't had any possibilities to buy it and now....I have it.Thank you Linda.
Her blog has many interesting informations and the links are just wonderful.And all the wonderful things she or her friends have done.Enjoy.

The other little card is from a friend on xstitchpals -a yahoo-group.I sent her roses and a butterfly and she sent me this very sweet well done card.Thank you Kath.
To swap is very very nice

Lovely gifts

A lovely blogfriend of mine has sent me a heart in crazy and it has embellishments too.She has put a tatting on it and there are beads and embroideries of different types and a print I have been longing for so so much.I haven't had any possibilities to buy it and now....I have it.Thank you Linda.
Her blog has many interesting informations and the links are just wonderful.And all the wonderful things she or her friends have done.Enjoy.

The other little card is from a friend on xstitchpals -a yahoo-group.I sent her roses and a butterfly and she sent me this very sweet well done card.Thank you Kath.
To swap is very very nice

2 wonderful gifts

A week full of blue,yellow and pink

This has been a lovely week in a way.Many swedish medals,many good results from athlets from other country too.And yes I have been listening very much and seen a little.Embroidery and knitting has been favourite works in the evenings.I have full time work so there are short periods of handicraft.I have also still great problems with a flu so....

I have done wristwarmers-link 12th of February
A square in dominostrikk-see more
A lovely Hello Kitty in cross stitch-
A heart for frienship-
A card with roses and a butterfly-inspirated by Spring beauty in Cross stitch crazy February 2006
And at last a picture taken from the garden.This is a view from my window.A beautiful sunny winter day in the north of Sweden

Have a nice time all my friends

A blue-yellow-pink week

Monday, February 13, 2006

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Team Sweden

Team Sweden


My first knitting during the Knitting Olympic Game
Hello all

I made these in Noro Silk Garden colour 8.A nice,fast and inspirating pattern and the perfect knitting during the first days og the Winter Olympic Games in Turin.

What's next?I don't know if I start a cardigan or mittens.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Knitting olympic starts tomorrow

Hello all

Tomorrow the OS starts in Turin and among all of us who knit we all start knitting.Yarnharlot,a very interesting blogger, was I think ,the one who got this fantastic idea.

I'm in the swedish team