Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Sunday walk along the river and Elsa Beskow

During the weekend I took a walk along the river and suddenly I saw a "mushroom",a non eatable one,but one I was so fond of in my childhood.Elsa Beskow(1874-1953) made many lovely paintings in books for children.When I started reading we had a book full of her paintings and especially the small "people" with a hat in red with white dots were/are my favourites.It also reminded of different stories about Santa.The pictures are from "Vill du läsa? 11 by Besow-Siegwald.(Stockholm 1950.)It seemed to be a kind and beautiful world we were living in.Now we also have stamps with a part of her paining on.

Wishing you a nice new week

Monday, September 20, 2010

A fabric book page from Monika

After a long day at work I had a little package in the postbox.I'm in a swap where we do book pages in fabrics/mixed materials.I wish pages with the theme "flowers and beads" and Monika has done a card with a flower in wool/silk? and a lovely bead embroidery.Around the flower in one of my favourite colour, she made machine quilting in silver thread on a fabric with dots in blue/silver.A page with a nice contrast.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Workshop in printing and dying .

For this little fabric page I used handdyed fabric and the little picture in the middle is made of fabric used when you tried the different colours and I also printed some wheels on it.Then I have made embroidery both with yarn and beads.

Here we used both paintsticks and ordinary printing colours

We also made a form and used lovely Markal paintsticks ,iridicerande bought on

My first printing is made on a recycled fabric and I'm really happy for theese patterns.Now I just wonder what to do of it.

A friend in the group dyed linen fabrics in blue and printed with a part of a crochet doily these lovely flowers.

The workshop started with dying fabrics,yarn and lace.I tried to use different fabrics with different surface för projects later on.As you can see I have a favour for certan colours.I love them really.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Chimera-design Laris

Mittens made by Noro silk garden(varigated),Peer Gynt(dark grey) and Létt-Lopi(blue)
Lovely pattern but small changes.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

We have been swapping buttons

The swap of buttons on
I'v got lovely lovely blue button I think I can use to a cardigan an d 2 solitaire of
pearl buttons from a very nice knitter and designer