Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fireworks January 1 2010

The last day in December 2009

What am I doing in my spare time during the last day of 2009?
Yes I'm knitting new gloves in red with trees on.A lovely islandic pattern showing something of December with red for Christmas and love and white trees coved by snow we can see in the forest this time a year.We can see the near our house.....well we can see a little dark green under the snow.

We have a very special phenomina around an the electric cadle in our Christmas tree in the garden.Only around one canle we have this formation of snow and it's something we see from our windows in our dining room.Something very nice.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 27 ,22 years ago we got our second son

December 27 is a very happy day for me.We got our second son 13.20 .Today it's his twentysecond birthay and we have the happiness to have him on holidays with us.We have been eating cinemon buns,a favourite he wishes as an extra breakfast.Later we are going to eat his favourite food.

Friday, December 25, 2009

More gifts from M F and M S

The little pouch ,the sewing case and something I can have pencils and a little ruler in are really wellcome and I can use it when I go to a workshop in quilting.

Gifts from M F and M S

I am so so blessed that I also got lovely quiling gifts from the MF and M S.They have really succeded in finding fabrics in 2 different styles I really collect and use in mini quilts.

A lovely basket from L in Australia

The basket contains good things for a quilter as pins,laces,flowerband,a fabric with motives from Australia and a sweet koala for the key.

Christmas gifts from M,a quilt and some fabrics.

When I was on the Östasiatiska museum I saw some kimonos with fabris with the pattern I recognize on the orange and yellow fabrics from M.It seems to be a shibori technic.Very interesting.

The mini quilt has many quilting stitches,some in metallic gold and other in white.It's har to show it in the picture.The quilt is on the snow in front of our house.The details are taken inside.

Another lovely star on the borders up and down the mini quilt.The idea to do fantasy stars make the quilt more exciting.

What a georgious quilt fom my friend M!My friend M is really a fantastic quilter and she has done something reminding us of winter.She lives where the snow seldom comes.And the lovely crazy stars!I really really love them.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The way to the Sauna and our Christmas tree

We started the celebration in the Christmas Eve with a lovely bath in the Sauna with a lot a warm air and only "light"from the fire.A tradition we really love.

The Christmas day. -22C

Our little Sally

Now my sister is a grandmother

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All is calm,all is bright

Christmas Eve and it's about 08.00 in the morning.A cup of tea and Christmas songs.All is calm and all is bright.Soon I'm going to start making rice porridge.Maybee I do some cakes too.The morning houres are very special and really worth gold.I feel very relaxed just now and I really wish you a nice day.

Later my sister and her husband come celebrating the day with us.It's the day of the year when you wish all your family can celebrate together.My elder son and his girlfriend are celebrating a long way from here and I really wish them a nice Christmas.

Wellcome to us if you are in the surroundings.

December 23-the day before

Started the morning with a cup of tea and writing e-mails and so on.The deep darkness and the white snow gave me a special feeling of Christmas.

A friend has a wonderful blog where you can see her collection of Santas and some lovely quilting items.

Now some homeworks are done and the lunch is over.Christmas songs and flowers make me extra relaxed.Later we have some shopping to do and some more decorations in the Christmas tree.

I wish you a lovely day

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Celebrating Santa Lucia

The darkest period in Sweden and we celebrate Santa Lucia

Candles,beautiful songs and Santa buns and it give us hope.In 9 day the days the darkest day has been passing by and we can enjoy a little longer time with daylight.All the celebrations with candles and beautiful songs give is hope.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Gifts from my "Stitchers Angel" in a swap

What a great happines to get these lovely things from my swap friend in Angel stitches.

Go to

Here you find links to free patterns she used.

A tablerunner I made this weekend

This is a result of a challenge we have in our quilt group.I have gor 10 different fabrics about 12.5"x12.5.I used half of them and the rest ....well......maybee later

Tuesday, December 01, 2009