Friday, January 30, 2009

Wristwarmers in Regia silk

Saturday morning and I'm so happy I made the wristwarmers ready last night.A lovely yarn and a good pattern you can find patterns to both in swedish and english.Soon I'm goint to participate in a workshop about handdying yarn.
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wristwarmers giving you some houres of joy.

I participated in a KAL on
I did no fringes and that's a difference I made on the pattern.
A pefect scarf made in the same yarn I used for the wristwarmers.
The wristwarmers are made in Alpaka Fashion from Schachenmayr on 5mm.Really a nice and beautiful and simple pattern I relly enjoyed knitting.I have 23 stitches instead of 17 the designer has and I feel it's better when we have a long winter.
These wristwarmers are in Alpaca Silk from Hjerte Garn.So soft and really worth doing because they are so useful in many situations.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The favourite tea cup for December/January

This cup has given me many relaxing moments the last month but now I can give it 11 months of holidays.The Christmas is definitely over but soon I give you the favourite cup of February.The coaster was a gift from a swap friend.Now I'm going to do a new coaster for February.What pattern do I use now?The cup is in light grey with patterns in dark blue and it's a japaneese cup so........

What favourite pattern to coasters do you have a link to?????Plese give me a link!

The daylight comes where I live

To you who asked about sunrise and sundawn today

8:46 -sun rise
14:34 -sun dawn

We have a cloudy day and a little snow is falling down.
-6.9 at 11.40 -lunch time

I wish you all a lovely Sunday

Monday, January 05, 2009

What a surprice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A knock on the door and the postman hade a big package from Japan.To whom?For us/we/me...????For us!!!!! A great opening when we are all at home.
Thank you so so so much.

An ATC as a great wish of a nice new winter week

The winter is a season we both hate and love.The daylight comes more and more and give us joy.
I'm knitting new thin mittens in wool and I really enjoy the last days of holidays.On Wednesday we start again.It has been a relaxing time with some houres of knitting,emboidery and patchwork but also a lovely time of reading and enjoying music of different kinds.

Friday, January 02, 2009

An ATC from AnneMarlene

It's a cold winterday here and this lovely ATC I'v got in a swap on a swedish quilt yahoo group can give an illustration of the time very well.

Have a nice day.

Happy New Year 2009

I wish you all a Happy New Year