Monday, July 31, 2006

A link to postcards from Gotland

Some postcards showing the lovely island Gotland.

Roses and preparing for some days on Gotland and knitting worshops....

Good morning from a sunny north

I send you all a link for a crochet pattern to roses.

Tomorrow I start a travel to my favourite island,Gotland-the island of roses,to participate in knitting workshops .I'm going to learn more about popular patterns in different regions of Sweden in older times and a little about creating small decorations on a common knitting.F ex on Gotland they have patterns with roses on mittens.You can find these patterns in the Baltic states also.We are also going to visit some who are spinning yarn and dye yarn also.Perhaps we also have a lovely pick-nick in the lovely landsape.And all lovely tal´ks about knitting and life.

Have a nice day

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A little about Crazy quilt- a new link

It's early morning and I'm the only one not sleeping in this house.I found a nice blog about crazy quilting-a blog by Hideko in Japan who I first met on Chahinsofhearts.I recognised that she has a special style I like.I have not been doing CQ for some months now so I had nothing to swap with but I was so fond of her style.Well I hope I can do it in the future.

And on this blog you can find more information of another japaneese CQ-quilter,a very famous one ,who has done books and so on.You can find informations of other things too.
Have a great day.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I try again to give you a link

Look at January 27 2006

Daisy Lane Cottage and other projects and thoughts

I have started a new embroidery -Daisy Lane cottage.On this blog I found a nice picture on it.I have done the door and a little more so this picture shows how it's going to be.

It's very nice to participate in a SAL doing something together.There are a yahoo-group LHN -which means Little house needlework.We are some members doing this SAL.You feel like you are on an embroidery café even if you sit alone with a cup of tea and your little embroidery.

The other thing I'm doing is a bag on patchwork for a swapfriend in Australia.Secret bag.In August you get a picture.I have always on the needles wristwarmers in shadow knitting.

I feel very sad because the violence is growing in some countries and it seems to be real war there.Here we live in peace and other can't sleep,they loose friends and relatives,they loose their happiness,they loose their childhood,they loose everything.Why can't we talk to each other and solve the problems?
Some of my blogfriends also have hard times just now.I send you my thoughts.

Catch the day

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Congratulations to Italy

Congratulations to Italy

The end of WM in football ended and Italy is the winner of this game.
Sorry for France and one of the greatest player in the world.What happened?

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I also want to show you some small embroideries.2 of them are from Praire Schooler-freebees,the tulip is a part of a freebee on DMC and the swedish "horse",a common symbol of Sweden ,is an old pattern I have bought on Tradera.These were done when I had a hard period on my work and I needed something to do and to be relaxed of.I hope I can use the tulip for a bag Im doing and also the horse inside telling the new owner where I come from and I`m going to have my and her name on it.

The doily

Better luck this time?

WM-knitting and crochet

It has been a nice period of wonderful weather and good football to listen to.
Tha bag Fake..gama,a KAL I was in has this result,not ready but nearly.I think it's going to be nice but I have some hours without football to do this to a real bag.A nice pattern to work with and I have made it in double cotton 12/6.

From my One-skein-pal I got a skein of a mixed yarn and this is what I could do of it.Only about 50 meters so ....Nice colours but perhaps a little bit too thick.

From my Secret Crochetville pal I'v got wonderful cotton yarn in turqouise and I made a little doily in it.Wonderful yarn to work with.Anchor Lifestyle.I have more of it and also 2 skeins in a pink and white varigated "Lifestyle".There are going to be more doilies later this year.

Bookmarks which reminds me and you all of the lovely summertime and all the wonderful flowers we just now have here.These are going to be sent to friends in a bookmark swap on Crochetville.

Next project is a bag in patchwork and cross-stitch.
Now I go out in the lovely warm air and wish you all a lovely time

Saturday, July 01, 2006