Thursday, March 31, 2016

Märta-Stinas hjärta(heart)-2 different ways of doing it

2 hearts on different fabrics and with different colors.Märta-Stina was a very good knitter and she has inspired many people doing the same patterns or doing their version of the patterns.The heart above is a designed version.Kerstin Hedvall has done this pattern for a tablecloth.I wanted to do one square in black  and  one in the colors Kerstin Hedvall used

The square on the left is made in red 349 and in green 3787 on aida 14 / 1".I love it and it would be nice to do a little tablecloth,40cm x40cm, in this aida.It reminds me of Christmas,a holiday I really love.

Still I'm not ready with the course about black work.I used linen fabric , 21/ 1",and DMC 310.I think this heart in black would be nicer in thinner linen as I want to do it as a little decoration on some clothes.

Wish you a nice new month .

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Different ways to decorate

A gift from a dear friend made with kogin.,a name of the seam she used.
In Sweden we call it "vävsöm"
Vävsöm /kogin in embroidery seems to have  types of patterns you also can find on fabrics made in a loom
Often in Sweden you find they have been using wool thread on embroideries.In Japan it seems to be more often done with cotton threads

This little "purse" for small sewing items is made of  cotton fabrics,applications and a type of lace.wonderful ,perfect work made with love.As you can understand these 2 friends are doing the most wonderful things and we also have a lot to learn from each other and to be inspired of.
I'm going to do blocks with applications during April,for example blocks for a birthday gift.
"Vävsöm" I'm going to do later this spring/summer.

First of all I had to do a little heart in weaving seam/kogin,a heart filled with love to my friends.Thank you so so much.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter all my friends
I'm going to have e week free from work and I really long for that.We have snow and not so cold.It seems to be a perfect time for outdoor activities and for handicraft.

We have had a Easter swap in a Ravelry group and my friend sent me a big big box filled with yarn,tea sweets and different small itens.The egg was filled with lovely chocolate,yes was but I could not resist taking some so now I only have 2 in it.