Saturday, December 31, 2005


Wellcome the new year 2006

Ullas Fiber Blog

Happy New Year to you all.

My latest embroidery will symbolize the dream of a great prom on New Year Eve .Well only a dream.The best just now we have been together all the family and we have enjoyed a nice dinner together,When you have grown up children you know it's very special to have thrm at home at the same time.

My second dream is to have a day of peace all over the world.It seems to be only a dream.The long for power makes many people/states to kill somebody trying to reach the controll over the world.

Take care of you.
Catch the day.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A lady in a beautiful dress

What did I today?
No RR but the lady on 16 of December in this blog.
A nice pattern and decorative and fast done.

Enjoy the snow and the longer days with daylight.

Monday, December 26, 2005

A great day

Dear all

Today it's 18 years since I'v got my youngest boy.
What a day!What a gift we got.
It's a great day,a day full of joy and happiness.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve in pictures

Hello all

A.A picture from our garden at 2 o'clock(daytime).We have the dark period and the daylight is really a short time every day but....
B.Aview from my kitchen with memories from friends and of course we have Maria,Joseph and the 3 wise men comng to visite Jesus.
A plate I bought on Cuba,a present from Beijing and from Holland you can see above .
C.AChristmas tree in cross-stitch I made for a card.i also used somelight effect yarn from DMC for the ornaments but I'm sorry the picture don't show it in a good way.
D.Outside our house we have a little forest,today even more snow.
E.On Christmas Eve I bought some food and I got a plastic "bag" with this picture on.

Today we have had a calm day ,really a day of relaxation.The Christmas Eve is our big ,a bit hectic day and Christmas day we rest and enjoy being with the family too.My DH and I have been married for 26 years today.It's worth a Nobel prize I think.

I hope you alla my friends have a nice time.
Enjoy every second.

Christmas Eve




Saturday, December 24, 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005

A blog with lovely crochet angels and links to free patterns

Hello all

Yasmina,I think in India,has a blog with angels and a link to free patterns.I love her angels and it's really nice in Chrismas time.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The darkest day of the year today

Dear all
Today we have the darkest day of the year and we really long for more daylight.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Latvian mittens-so many lovely mittens

So happy.My Latvian mittens -a patternbook with latvian mittens in many lovely patterns and colours.We have a Knit along here in Sweden where we try to do some of the mittens and I'm going to do a pair but I don't know which.

We have the lapplanders un the north of Europe and they also do mittens in bright colours and with some patterns which seem be relatives.Also on the island ,Gotland,they use some patterns much alike the latvian but they use the natural colours.

I found this blog and she has done a mitten I like very much.

Nu är också jag i sjunde himlwn

Nu är också med bok.Beställde den genom Bastel Hobbykiste och det gick snabbt att få boken och servicen var personlig och bra.

Nu återstår det svåra och det är att välja vilken vante jag skall sticka.Inte lätt alls.Men julledigheten kommer att bli extra trevlig när en ny vante är på gång.Mönsterskatten är enorm och visst känner jag igen mönster från svenska ,norska,finska och samiska vantar.De starka färgerna påminner om vantar i Stickat från Norrbotten och i Gotländsk sticksöm finns mönster men då mest i naturfärger.

Tack Monica för hjälpen.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas is on its way

Dear all

I have been doing some embroidery .First of all an angel for a card to Wendy and Jean,finds at xstitchpals on yahoo.I have used DMC-gold ,DMC cotton amd some beads in gold on Aida.Fleur is another lovely lady who was the first lady who sent me a card this season and to her I sent a Christmas tree on Aida

A Christmas ornament I haven't decided what to do with but I hope I can use it to a card for a friend.
From Jean I'v got an angel in cross-stitch and she also sent me another card and a little surprise.More of that another day.tina sent a little bear .These 2 cards are very very beautiful and this was my first swap cards.So happy.

The needlebook in crochet ,pineapple,is something my teacher in textile handicraft showed me and I really want to do something like this.Perhaps I use another type of yarn then DMC perlé which is too soft .

Iwanted to use a pattern of a basket and I counted wrong and I had to change it.I like the result with silkribbon flowers.Sweet one.I think I found a pattern on Kreinik.It's an own version.

Today we have had Santa Lucia, a "queen" coming with the light in these dark days.It's a saint from Syrakusa who is the one we celebrate.The Santa Lucia and the other girls and boys sing so beautiful songs,often christian songs.They come in the morning when it's still dark outside and it's really some minutes of silence and lovely songs and musicThis is about 08.30 in the morning.

Enjoy life and take care of you.

Soon we have Christmas

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Small and lovely embroideries

Hello all

Today i have been doing a little on an angel-RR and a card to a swapfriend.This morning I really felt happy for the white snow is back and I don't miss the rainy cloudy days we have had.I long for more snow for a white Christmas is so wonderful

This is a link I found some days ago and I hope you can find something interesting too if you love embroidery.Small piecies in different technics.
As I do presents I can't show anything .Sorry but...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

A time full of joy and a time full of stitches

Hello all

To Bea-I start the fairy embroidery next weekend.So exciting.

Look at the pictures on the last update.

The dark period is here but I try to do some embroidery.
A.This is a small application of Raggedy Annie-well it was going to be that.She seems to have been eating a little bit to much.I made it as a Christmas present to a friend.Well I hope she likes it.

B.This is my first witch I´v ever done in cross-stitch and it was really funny.She is a combination of beauty and uglyness.Why not?!

C.As I perhaps told you I'm a member of a handicraft course and ther we have to make patterns of our own.This is a print of it and then I took the motive in the middle and made a little cross-stitch embroidery with varigated threads in blue and dark pink.And it beame a little cat in the middle.Sorry the picture is so small.This took time but it was so funny to do so now I feel I can go on doing other patterns too.Not professional ones but ..

D.I found a pattern in a book where they only used these small stitches and made rows in different colours.This is a piece I only made to test the idea.I love it and I think I'm going on doing a purse or a small handbag or...later.In the japaneese sashiko they use these types of stitches and it's so decorative .You can use simple stitches and get so much effect.I love the idea.

I have a RR to do during the week and some presents to send away.Just now I'm also knitting a scarf for a friend.Soon we have Christmas and I love to do some small gifts for my friends.And I hope I can do some Christmas cards too.This is a lovely time but also a busy time and I have to work too.
Have a nice time

Ullas Fiber Blog

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Japaneese kogin techniques and The Christmas Elf Fairy

Hello all my friends

I want to show you a technique I tried today

You find freebees both for Kogin and to one of the swedish techniques-Sollerösöm.
We have so many techniques to choose among.

And I 'v got the kit from Mirabilia "The Christmas Elf Fairy"
Hand dyed threads cotton floss,metallic thread,beads from Mill Hill,a little wooly thread,70& Kid mohair.30%Nylon and32 count Natural linen from Zweigart.
86x124 stitch count.
What a happiness.I'm going to do it ready to Christmas eve.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Blackwork sampler II

Garden Paradise Blackwork sampler II from Stitcher´s world September 2004 is the pattern do.This is one of four squares.I have used DMC black 2 threads and DMC goldcoloured 2 threads.It's my first project in blackwork and perhaps I have this as a square in the niddle when I do a purse or.....It's really hard with gold thread and this is the first little embroidery and I know I'm going to do more.

Wish you good luck with what you are doing.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

right adress to Libilou

Sorry I gave you the wrong adress to Libilou

This is the right one


My SP Libilou has sent me so many lovely gifts

gul sak

What a day.

Today a big package arrived from my SP Libilou.So exciting.
She has been so generous and in this last package she sent me also a lovely shawl in dark blue,a shawl with a lovely form


On September 10 you find her picture.Isn't a lovely shawl?

And I'v got sweets,dishcloths,potholders,yarn,stickers,a hook....So many things...i really loved them all.We are members on and we have been members of an autumn swap.

My best wishes to you all and especially to Libilou

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Winterday and Halloween cross-stitch

The 26th of October 08.50 I had this lovely wiev from my window.About 5" of snow in the garden.I love these days when it's not so cold.
I have done my first Halloween block.It's a mix of two patterns from Lizzie&Kate.Perhaps I do one in black and with another aida to get the motive bigger.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

October-a month full of darkness ,time for cross-stitch and the first snow

The 25th of October we got the first snow.White and beautiful but cold.

Assissi embroidery is a lovely form of cross-stitch where you do the crosses around the motive.I found this pattern on a site from NewZeeland with many free patterns

My husband was hunting elks and I made one in cross-stitch.And he got no elk.This elk is from Anna 10/05
made a bird in cross-stitch, very common in Christmas time.I love the colours contrasting the white snow and the green trees
I'm going to use it for a patchworkblock.

The bird reminds me of winter and Christmas.This is a piece to a patchworkblock in crazystyle.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ullas Fiber Blog

This is my latest doily.A lovely doily to do,a free form one but to arrange flowers and leaves took a lot of time.I loved to do it.Sorry to say I had problems to do it ready.My dear mother died the 11th of August and the time was so hard.Even if we knew her days were counted it came so suddenly.Well I managed to do it but....I miss her so .

The autumn is here with the lovely sun leaving us.Oh all these colours .Only a few flower left to bright our day.

We started the course and I was dying yarn in wool and cotton and also yarn in wool and cotton.I also tried to do patterns but I'm not ready with it.
I made 2 blocks with applications and one with an embroidery-both as gifts to friends who love to do patchwork or cross-stitch.Lovely works to do when you have little time but want to do something nice.These blocks are as honey for the soul.


Sunday, July 31, 2005

A wonderful week

I have had a wonderful week full of joy and handicraft.Her we have had a lovely circus with many activities as son,dance ,jokes ans do on and in the same tent we were working with different handicrafts.This was for children and their parents or relatives but also if there were place other could participate in this.And I did.Even if I'm an adult I really enjoyed the idea to mix joy and handicrafts.Both the children and the adults we had a lovely time.

Oh My SP sent me the last gift,both Noro and mohair yarn and 3 sweet stitchmarkers.What a gift.Thank you my friend from Canada.

Here you can se the purse I made in wool fabric,Perhaps to my mobile.
And a bookmark in fabric and birch bark.
We had so many lovely materials we could choose so the creativity got help.Now I try to do another purse but I had not tome to do it ready.2 days fast.

I also participated in Snowflakes in July crochet along on Crochetville .I want to go on with them later.This week was so full of activities.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Pattern link

There you find free patterns for snowflakes.

Lrts start


Today we start a Snowflake along

I have already done 2 small snowflakes (crochet) and 1 little embroidery with a beaded snowflake on and outside we have a lovely summerday.Very odd but so funny.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Summer and swaps

The sumer is full of lovely swaps.
Raggedy Ann is a new "doll" for me and I and 4 australian quilters swapped redwork blocks on patchNquilt ,a lovely yahoogroup.Really a nice Ann,a tough Ann.

Christmas in July-a heart in silk and cotton for Juliette on Chainsofhearts.She wished a heart with an angel and I like this little one very very much.Beads around the embroidery.

ATC swap-a pink fabric swap.These were the hearts I'v got.
The one down on the left hand is made of me.My first ATC swap.I'm going to participate later too.

Roses in the garden.
"My luv is like a red red rose"
Well white and pink roses are lovely too.
In the middle the lovely gifts I'v got from my SP4 on Knitty.
Beads,hooks in birch,a scoop for beads and the lovely book about Folk Mittens.

July so far has been a happy month for me.We also have a lovely summer.Yesterday we have got the first strawberries too
I'm also working with the the white doily and I also make some blocks.For my SP Melissa I made a scarf in Noro Shabon and I'm happy the colour was good for her.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Roses are red

The roses missed "the train"
I'm really a beginner.Sorry.

Flowers and blocks

We have a lovely season with flowers and I made some blocks in green-work for a friend of mine,a gift to her at her birthday.

Crochetville doily swap and I'm going to do a doily for a friend in USA.I think I'm going to do one in free form crochet and this is the first flowers I have done.I have been sitting in the garden nearly all the day crochet and enjoying all flowers we have just now.Even roses are lovely now.

And I have holidays now.What a wonderful time having the possibility to use more time for crochet and embroidery.