Sunday, June 24, 2007

Midsummer and a pair of socks

Dear all
We have been so happy for a lovely warm air and a sunshine nearly 24 hours every "day".We have had nice days in the garden and the flowers are coming.We could eat in the garden too.
I have had the possibility to rest in our hammock.Could it be better?

To knit in the garden is a favourite for me and on they published a new pattern during the Midsummer and I couldn't resist knitting them.You find the beginning of a sock and wonderful flowers from my garden on

I have made 2 rows extra between the last in pattern for square 1 and 2 -one with 5 knit on knit and 5 purl on purl and then I changed and made a row with 5 purl and 5 knit and this made it easier to follow the pattern.

Have a nice time

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Midsummer in the north of Sweden

Today 21June we have the longest day this year.Oh this beautiful daylight.

About swedish Midsummer celebrations.
Here in the north of Sweden we really have nearly no darkness at all.We really enjoy the summer now .Tomorrow it slowly starts to turn to.....

We are going to be at home enjoying being together ,both the sons are at home.We are also going to enjoy being in the garden and enjoying being active in the nature.We are going to have barbeque tomorrow and maybe we can sit in the garden eating our dinner.

I wish you all a nice summertime.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The last thing we did in the course was to do Kumihimo,a technic to do wonderful bands for different things.We tried to do the simpliest one and we succeded in doing a short one.You have some strands and twist them from 1 to 6 or ....if you use more strands you have to twist several times.I think I will use ribbons to do handles for a purse.

After that we had lunch and said goodbye.Some of us are going another year too so we meet in August /September.I'm looking forward it as we are going to do simple clothes and use some of the technics we have learnt to decorate them.
Have a nice new week

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pink little "bag" for my cellphone

A lovely free day celebrating knitting and I made this

First it was going to be a bookmark but too big and I have so many .As I'm a member of a knittingroup making bookmarks every month we get lovely patterns every month.To do a bookmark is a perfect piece to use a special pattern on and to do small presents .Now I felt this would be a perfect "girly" thing.....well also elder ladies with silver in her hair can use pink,a perfect combination with pink and silver.

Tomorrow we have the last day of our course.On Friday we made an exhibition with things we have done.10 ladies-yes we have been creative and now we have our "exam"

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A new Friday

With this picture I will wellcome a new summerday.To crochet a little flower made my day on our national day 6 June.I also bought flowers to have in the garden.White flowers have a special beauty I really love and they give my relaxing times and inspiration to do something.

I wish you the best

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summertime in the north of Sweden and new photos

The sun is shining and we have green garden and some flowers too.Just a fantasic time.
After a month full of work I try to give you some glimpses of the nice things.
First of all I want to mention "Sommarslöjd" on
where you can see a lot of laces as crochet,bobinlace,embridery,tatting,print.....both old and new design.Most of all I was fascinated in purses decorated by crochet, a crazy but beautiful combination.And so many braclets and other decoration.Thick yarn or thin metalthread or...If you are in Stockholm during the summer go and visite the exhibition.I hope I can do one more purse using a little doily, crochet one,tatted lace and some embroidery on.

On flickr I have some new pictures of purses I have made during the course and some CQ for Christmas-a heart and a tree.2 blocks for a RR on crazyquiltinginternational and 2 blocks I hope reulting in a "chicken"or a......I'll tell you later what I made.

I still work 2 weeks before my holidays so we have a lot more to do before.After that I hope I can have more time to do small projects,be outside walking or....and enjoying meetings with friends and family. I get a little more time to blog , to write letters,snailmails , and read books.

I wish you all a lovely time