Saturday, November 26, 2005

Small and lovely embroideries

Hello all

Today i have been doing a little on an angel-RR and a card to a swapfriend.This morning I really felt happy for the white snow is back and I don't miss the rainy cloudy days we have had.I long for more snow for a white Christmas is so wonderful

This is a link I found some days ago and I hope you can find something interesting too if you love embroidery.Small piecies in different technics.
As I do presents I can't show anything .Sorry but...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

A time full of joy and a time full of stitches

Hello all

To Bea-I start the fairy embroidery next weekend.So exciting.

Look at the pictures on the last update.

The dark period is here but I try to do some embroidery.
A.This is a small application of Raggedy Annie-well it was going to be that.She seems to have been eating a little bit to much.I made it as a Christmas present to a friend.Well I hope she likes it.

B.This is my first witch I´v ever done in cross-stitch and it was really funny.She is a combination of beauty and uglyness.Why not?!

C.As I perhaps told you I'm a member of a handicraft course and ther we have to make patterns of our own.This is a print of it and then I took the motive in the middle and made a little cross-stitch embroidery with varigated threads in blue and dark pink.And it beame a little cat in the middle.Sorry the picture is so small.This took time but it was so funny to do so now I feel I can go on doing other patterns too.Not professional ones but ..

D.I found a pattern in a book where they only used these small stitches and made rows in different colours.This is a piece I only made to test the idea.I love it and I think I'm going on doing a purse or a small handbag or...later.In the japaneese sashiko they use these types of stitches and it's so decorative .You can use simple stitches and get so much effect.I love the idea.

I have a RR to do during the week and some presents to send away.Just now I'm also knitting a scarf for a friend.Soon we have Christmas and I love to do some small gifts for my friends.And I hope I can do some Christmas cards too.This is a lovely time but also a busy time and I have to work too.
Have a nice time

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Japaneese kogin techniques and The Christmas Elf Fairy

Hello all my friends

I want to show you a technique I tried today

You find freebees both for Kogin and to one of the swedish techniques-Sollerösöm.
We have so many techniques to choose among.

And I 'v got the kit from Mirabilia "The Christmas Elf Fairy"
Hand dyed threads cotton floss,metallic thread,beads from Mill Hill,a little wooly thread,70& Kid mohair.30%Nylon and32 count Natural linen from Zweigart.
86x124 stitch count.
What a happiness.I'm going to do it ready to Christmas eve.