Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We do one Christmas present every month

Now my first Christmas present is ready and I have done.........well I know you read my blog so.....
This is a wonderful thing to participate in.
The blogger who inspired us to start has a wonderful knitting blog

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some glimpses of January 2010

I send you all my best wishes for 2010 to be a creative and peaceful year.

A little pouch made by fabrics with silk paint and machine stitching.A sweet little thing not easy to get a good picture of.

We made fabric bowls on the workshop lasr weekend and this is my first one.So much joy we had so I hope we can do it more and maybe do it even more artistic.

I go on workshops in different textile technics,in textile art.Dying fabrics is someting we loved to do the first work shop weekend this year.
We had a high thinner bowl we put full of fabrics and then we put batik colours on.Very exciting to see what pattern the fabric had after about 20 minutes.Somebody told me this is a special japaneese technic.What do you know about it?

An embroidery kit and a patternbook.So nice little heart saying something about Japan and patter book has a lot of sweet cross stitch pattern I really love to do during the year 2010

I love to get letters with different stamps on and often I can learn something about the country or the art or handicraft or..

Soon the first month of 2010 and I wanted to give you some glimpses.First of all my friend M in USA sent a lovely little package to me and it came a snowy day and the card brightened up the day so much.I know she has had her birthday in the middle of Jamuary.A delayed Happy birthday dear M.
And then the lovely workshops we had .