Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas gifts,snow and a part of an embroidery.

We have a clear not so cold winter day and I have been taking some photos.First I want to show you a lovely bowl I'v got from a dear penfriend in Japan and a wonderful little sashoko tablecloth from a penfriend in USA.What a happiness to get real letters and small gifts from friends I'v never met but we have been penfriends for many years.Very very inspiring. In the forest we have at least 50 centimeters of snow and the trees are covered by snow.I have taken a long walk enjoying the white landscape and today most of the streets are ready to use. I'm participating in a SAL in a yahoo group and there we are doing small items in ,for me,linen fabric 32ct.Hard for the eyes but it goes even if it goes slowely.We use a varigate DMC the end t's going to be a pincushion/biscornu. Dear friends. Still you can't give commentaries as I have had problems with a lot of SPAM.I'm so thankful you are visiting me and I can see that some of you are.