Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday 31.10 2007

Dear all

A long time without blogging.Today I start working a little bit later than usual and I therefore had the opportunity to take some photos of the landscape and what I'm knitting an sewing just now.Sorry I can't show some small items as they are small secret gifts.
I also hope I can take a short walk along the river because it seems to be very beautiful day.
Wish you all a lovely day

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Snowflakes and ladderstitches

Dear all

This weekend I really needed to relax and the best help for me was to do small embroideries.When I feel unhappy I use embroidery as a "self-therapy" and it's not expensive and maybee it results in a little gift to someone.Crises can develope or make you feel bitterness.When you grow older every day is worth so much you can't spend so many days being"angry or bitter".May war against bitterness is full of embroderies.
In every stitch I put in memories and hopefully I can get a pattern of the chaos.The small square maybee I use for a pincushion.The biscornu has got some stitches and beads and I hope I'm going to do it less ugly and more "happy".