Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SSCS swap gifts.

I want to show you a wonderful Christmas gift from my swap friend.You can find more about her and her handicraft. This tablerunner is now on our table and it's a perfect one both in size and colours.Often my husband has his black keyboard on the table and we also have white decoration things,especially this time a year.I also got some sweets and other small items from her.She made the nice christmas ornament I showed earlier.As I earlier have told the reader of this blog I love to participate in swaps.I hope my Santa also is going to be in more swaps.She told me this is her first time.Hopefully also some readers are going to swap sometimes. Thank you so much. Wish you all a lovely time.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas time

Showing some activities before and during the Christmas time.The patterns are from Clara Waever and I bought these all ready dome.Tonight we are going to decorate our Christmas tree.Tomorrow is the day our Santa comes and we celebrate with our family.
Some night ago I was up too early,in the middle of the night and our Christmas tree and the full moon brightened up the night.Wonderful.
And Last night. Wish you all a lovely Christmas time.The daylight comes,slowly but....we celebrate this too.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A flower made by a napkin

This little winter white flower makes our home even more as Chtistmas is. I learnet how to do it from a famous blogger in Sweden who really show us creative and often simple and decorative things to do.You only need a bigger white napkin,a scissor and something to put together it in the middle of the "pleated" napkin. Wish you a nice new week

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The first Sunday in December and an ornament from my swap partner in SSCS

The first Sunday in December and we have been doing some preparations.we have only a few houres od daylight and therefore this is something we have been longing for.The photo is from the time I had my breakfast at 08.10.A silent morning listening to music on and you scroll down and you can choose P2 klassisk musik P4 Bjällerklang After a cup of tea I also was knitting some rows on a pair of socks.This has been a good morning.
This little ornament and the card is from my swap partner in SSCS,arranged by Just before Christmas we also can open packages our partner has sent to us.Exciting.My partner is from Australia,a lon long way from here.Thank you so much Cheryl for the ornament.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The darkness and ..........................

The dark period of the year also have time of joy and beauty.Thr first little ornament is made on linen fabric,DMC and some metallic red and green threads.Sorry the picture is bad and the metallic thread is not shown well but.........
Outside the museum of Luleå they have these beautiful sculptures glowing in the darkness.So soft light in the dark afternoon.We had a knitting café on Satirday and we really had lovely chats and we were knitting and crochet and were talking about the everyday life and about our hobbies much inspiration
Near the busstation I could see these light installations.One more great inspiration this Saturday November 24.After that I went home and I felt so happy for all the inspirations and all the lovely people I met.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A star

This weeend this beautiful star has brighten up our home.The star is made by a swap friend and she has made a star on the back too,in a bluegreen colour. Today I have made Christmas gifts and it has been such a nice day listning to the radio. Especiall this program was so good with with many songs I really love.So calm and so relaxing. Wish you a nice new week.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Today we celebrate Fathers day and it's a very special day even if my father has been dead for many years.He died when he was only 58 and I'm ................. Often I think about him when I think of our boys.He had been a great grandfather. During the day I have went on with Christmas gifts so I show nothing of what I'm working on.
These pictures show you a Christmas ornament I'v got in a swap.The ornament has a back and a front and my swap partner has made in crazy quilt patterns with embrodery and embelishments.This is going to be a part of our Christmas decoration.Hopefully we have got more snow in December.I'm really longing for the snow. Wish you a nice new week

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Inspiration and thoughts

A letter with wonderful stamps I'v got from a friend gave me insiration to the granny square for today.The varigated yarn was really good for that.A visit I made to a textile group was the second inspiration useful for a mini quilt or a bag or a clutch or...I had the possibility to buy some fabrics,recycled ones,they have been hand dying.The blanket is a long time project but the a November project. During this weekend we have focus on our dead relatives and friend.Many candles and flowers are on the graves and many of us take time to visit the graveyard. What do we use our days to? What's the most important?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blue blue..................................................

A Christmas challenge in a patchwork group is to do 24 circles,1.5", and in blue,lilac,white,gold or silver fabrics and with decorations free for every one to choose.Some of my circles have a button on,other have beads or french knots on.Then we are going to have an exchange .I'm so excited to see what circles I'm recieving and in what colours and with what types of decorations.This is going to be one of our Christmas decorations.
2 days ago I got a lovely letter from a friend in Japan.We are writing about our everyday life,about happiness and about sad things.And we are inspiring each other in our hobbies.We love to work with fabrics and with patchwork.In this letter she sent me some cotton "kasuri".In the past this type of fabrics were used in clothes farmers were wearing ,for example coats,pants and so on.They are in a simple pattern but the yarn was prepared for these types of patterns.The third one has a warp with colours in rows and then the weaver only used one dark colour when they were weaving it.I thing we are going to do bags or pouches or....from it.Maybe I do a little drawstring bag. Yes I'm also doing more crochet squares for the warm blanket I'm going to use in the sofa when I'm going to take my power nap. Wish you all a nice new week.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crochet blocks

A beautiful weekend,a little bit cold but a lovely sunshine.Its a perfect time for a walk along the river.This weekend I have had time to do it and I really feel happy for that.Hopefully I`m walking one more time before dinner.The crochet squares for the blanket are 9 just now but I need many many more.As I use the varigated yarnsfor the "pattern" it makes the work much more exciting.Still it's also very relaxing.This morning I also really enjoyed many programs on the radio.Different types of music,news and programs about fashion and many more. Wish you all a lovely new week.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday October 14

The leaves are falling but the garden still is green.I found some flowers in the garden,not common this time a year.Wonderful to have some in a vase on the dinner table.Hopefully we get no snow,not yet.A sunny autumn day can be so wonderful. This weekend my husband has been hunting elks so I have had a lot of time to knit and crochet.The sock sock is a nice knitting and I 'm knitting them in Lorna´s lace sock yarn.It gives a good result and hopefully they are good to wear too. Now I'm also doing squares for a blanket.This is going to take time as I want to do it big enough to have in the sofa when I'm taking a power nap.As I have had a flue for more than a week it would have been nice to have it ready but.....Hopefully the new week goes better. Wish you all a lovely new week

Sunday October 14

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sunday October 7

Vera Vinter,a swedish singer from our area ,sang a song,Paris,about her grandmother Iris.She was the one who always had time even if she had a lot to do.She was taking care of her children and grandchildren and she was picking berries and learnt the sounds of different birds but.............she never was in Paris.Maybe she never talked about what's now so normal f ex to travel to famous places in the world.Maybe she got her happiness from her family,friends and the landscape she was living inShe said she had lived her life and her granddaughter wondered what she thought of when she closed her eyes for ever.
Still I´m knitting socks and the last pair is in pink silk and wool yarn in a simle pattern but I love it. I made them longer than as the little baby is moving and moving. The autumn is really with us now and the colours are more and more yellow.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A new pair of socks

We have a very nice group on Facebook where we have a knitting café 2 times a week.Last week a lady showed a pair of socks for a baby,yes we had the theme "Small things",and I really fell in love with the simple pattern for socks. Every pattern is on 5 stitches. Row 1 knit 3,yo,knit2tog..... Row 2 knit 3,lift 1 knit 1 psso,yo............. Row 1 Row 2 The socks are knitted in 100& wool(25 g/85 meters) 0-6 months 40 stitches Needles 3mm As I´m working full time mostly I´m doing small items as socks and mittens.My passion for reading novels also takes time.Maybe I'm going to listen to novels on cd as the evenings are darker and darker.A cup of tea and listening to a good novel?Or listening to music?Or good programs on the radio?Or taking a nice walk?Very relaxing. The time goes so fast so I have decided to blog on Sundays.It would be so nice to get comments from you about what you are doing when you are relaxing. Wish you all a lovely relaxing Sunday

Saturday, September 01, 2012


The evenings are darker and darker.A new table cloth, a vintage one,and the flowers,made by a thin cover on the birch tree,are brightening up our home.
In the garden we have a lot of berries,these are for the birds.
And in the little forest near the house we still have a lot of blueberries,perfect for the breakfast or for.....
The socks for charity are ready. As the time goes by so fast and the vacationes have ended I'm doing some plans for the Christmas gifts.But before that starts today I'm going to have my breakfast. Wish my readers a nice Sunday It would be nice if you take time to write a little comment about your life this time a year.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


A beautiful evening in the garden a week ago these flowers were just magic.The autumn colours are coming and the nights are colder.Now it´s a perfect time for knitting. I bought Opal handgefärbt colour 3173 and it's really a bright and sunny sock knitting.Hopefully this pair is going to be for charity.
As the evenings are darker it's so lovely not to have so dark colours.This pair of socks are so nice to do and I really like this yarn.Earlier I started a pair in Opal Polarlichter but this was to dark and the yarn wasn't so soft.Later I'm going on knitting them but I hopefully can do some stripes on them to brighten them up. Wish yo all a nice new week.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

The trees........

In the park you can find at least 3 trees having crochet and/or knitted decorations.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

What to do with a chair?Or a tree?

Visited an handicraft exhibition in Luleå on From the exhibition I'm going to focus on 3 different "chairs"
I found it very interesting with all these crochet flowers in bright colours all over the "chair".Maybee a little comfortable too?!
A perect way of using doilies done many years ago of women all over the country.On different places you can find them and they are so so well done and they often are very cheap.You can find them in many colours and often in white too.
The third way I love very much is when you use scraps from fabrics,here in red and white.It's made as a rug.

Monday, July 30, 2012

And strawberries for the lunch

We had a lot of strawberries for the lunch.

Evening and morning

The last little block för the sew together was made by a little cross stitch heart in my "scrap bowl" in combination with fabrics there.My bowl has many "diamonds" ready to use.Hopefully I can do something else during the week but first of all I'm going to cut squares (5 cm)of the possible fabrics for a stamp quilt I'm going to do.
Last evening we had candles both inside and outside and I tried to take a photo of what I saw outside.Well the photo is not......but I love the feeling ......As I earlier told you The Autumn is not my favourite but I try to find the beauty and.....yes there are many
This morning I could see these flowers and I couldn't resist feeling a great happiness. Wish you all a nice day

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The purse is ready

This purse is made of the gift whis was a bonus to the Tilda's Homemade Ideas.I'm very satisfied with the small purse and it was the perfect think to di in somr houres during the weekend.I also made a block for a needle bookbut about that next weekend. Wish you all a nice and creative week.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Preparing for a sew together tomorrow.

Saturday morning and the white roses are not any more brightening up our garden.As I showed earlier the flowers are in more autumn colours.The time with roses is very short in our garden.I'm already thinking of having more different ones for next summer.The rose season is too short.Instead of roses we have strawberries and fresh potatoes.More berries and vegetabilies in August
For the "sew together" I have been preparing to do a little purse with Tilda fabrics and with the pattern from Tilda's Homemade Ideas.Hopefully I have time to do another purse in another style and with a little cross stitch part.Just now I have several small items to do in cross stitch.About that during August. .

Monday, July 23, 2012

The colours are changing

Cloudberries are ready and it's very tasty to eat them just after they have been picked,ues even later but........
And the flowers in the garden in autumn colours are more common.
And the sun is shining today and these flowers are brightening up the garden
This little cross stitch item with beads on is going to be a little pincushion.I'm trying to enjoy these autumn colours and yes I'm enjoying them more now even if Im very blue,pink/red and lilac.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wristwarmers for Christmas

You can find how to do the pattern here Only in swedish Wish you a nice day

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Pink and white roses

July 8 and the white and the pink roses are showing their beauty.It's a special summer today.And I couldn't resist doing one more in cross stitch.Maybee I do some more roses and I'm going to do something of it.What?Well I don't ,not yet. Widh you a nice Sunday
These roses are going to be pink för weeks and that's something which does the day much colourful and inspiring.
The white ones are "white" only a few days ...............

Thursday, July 05, 2012

A lovely summerday and a shawl is ready to wear.

We really have warm summer days just now so the will to be knitting is on a low level.I ended with a simple lace pattern and some picots on the shawl I started when EM in football started.The yarn in kashmir and silk was really really so wonderful to work with.The next knitting?Maybe a shawlette from Jean Moss SWEET SHAWLETTES Wish you a nice summertime.