Sunday, December 30, 2007

All is calm,all is bright...

It's only one day left of the year 2007.With this picture
I will send you a wish of possibilities to rest and to enjoy also the days without so much action.We have had a nice Christmas with our near and dear.We have celebrated our youngest son who was born December 27 1987.What a great richness to have children,well they are grown-ups now so the are not....but in a way for ever children.

Have a nice time

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

26 December and a day of calmness

Dear all

Thank you for all kindness and best wishes during this lovely holiday.
Today we get fresh new snow and we feel a special calmness now.It's a day with time for reflections.Peace on earth is so important and with that we could use our money and strength to fight against poverty and missunderstanding.I have uploaded some pictures to show a little about our Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas to you all

It's early in the morning and I will send you all my best wishes for this holiday and for today.All seem to sleep but me.



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A song with Elina

A song for you all my friends

Elina is a student on our school and the last day at work she and her sister sang songs for us,so did also Sopranos.Beautiful voices.
Many thanks for your lovely songs.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday 31.10 2007

Dear all

A long time without blogging.Today I start working a little bit later than usual and I therefore had the opportunity to take some photos of the landscape and what I'm knitting an sewing just now.Sorry I can't show some small items as they are small secret gifts.
I also hope I can take a short walk along the river because it seems to be very beautiful day.
Wish you all a lovely day

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Snowflakes and ladderstitches

Dear all

This weekend I really needed to relax and the best help for me was to do small embroideries.When I feel unhappy I use embroidery as a "self-therapy" and it's not expensive and maybee it results in a little gift to someone.Crises can develope or make you feel bitterness.When you grow older every day is worth so much you can't spend so many days being"angry or bitter".May war against bitterness is full of embroderies.
In every stitch I put in memories and hopefully I can get a pattern of the chaos.The small square maybee I use for a pincushion.The biscornu has got some stitches and beads and I hope I'm going to do it less ugly and more "happy".

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A cup with yarn from Ingamay

Today the sun started shining and the postman came with a package from the swap A cup with yarn.You can look at all the present she sent me and you understand the happiness I feel.Many thanks to my swapfriend.
Ingamay has a blog really worth following.I can see she has been on Gotland and there she bought me lovely tea.She has knitted lovely blue and white potholders too.Maybe she knows I try to learn sewing clothes.Lovely buttons.And she wish me a safer walk using a reflex.And the candy....I couldn't resist eating it after the dinner.

And the cup from Rörstrand.Just so georgious.Fantastic.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Leslie's block

I want to show you the stitches I did on Leslie's block

This is a RR in Crazyquilt.I love embroidery and patchwork in a combination.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The first little quiltie

A quiltie is a little quilt,about 5"x5".You are free to choose way of doing a textile picture.I have done this first one combining patchwork,traditional embroidery and embroidery with beads.The fabrics are from different handdyed cotton,mostly a little bit ugly and not so perfect dyed at all.Try to find squares or stripes and use them and go on creating.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Autumn leaves,a new shawl and a square in cross-stitch

Dear all

Autumn colours in red and yellow are very common in the landscape.Very beautiful but also a remindness of the winter that comes in October/November.Therefore I made a shawl in 100% wool from Hedängen,a yarn a secret friend sent me and I love it.The varigated yarn makes me so happy.

I also show you a square I made for a swap,a square I really like .The colours are also inspired of the autumn.

Have a nice day

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A challenge by Freja

Dear all

Freja,a dear friend of mine, made a challenge for me and she wants me to tell 8 habits/things about me.Thank you Freja for the invitation.

1.I wear jeans every day,mostly blue ones.
2.I love starting new projects even if I have 100 UFO's.
3.I love getting real letters written by hand and decorated with beautiful stamps.I love writing letters to friends home and abroad.I have some penpals.
4.Every human being you meet has a great novel to tell you.And your novel can be told.Don't miss it.The life has many colours so go on "painting"as long as you can.
5.I'm afraid of getting Alzheimer as my mother and some of her relatives got.
6.My sons are my jewels.The best thing I have got in my whole life.
7.We are all equal even if we have different possibilities.
8.Work for piece and understanding.Begin with yourself and go on......

I send you reader this challenge and I hope you find something about yourself you had forgotten.Please send a note when you do it.I know many of you already have done this .

I wish you a creative new week

Friday, August 24, 2007


Saturday and a great sportevent in Osaka

We have already seen Carolina Klüft doing very good results in Osaka.Very happy for that.It's going to be a very nice week with many good results and hopefully a fair game for all in this great competition.
inspired us to knit something during the competitions.I have started to do mittens.As I have started working fulltime I only have time to do small things.I go on working with different technics from Barbro's course.

Have a nice weekend

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Secret Santa Christmas swap

A great quilter has organized a lovely swap I couldn't resist
We can do a small quilt,a stitchery,a bag ,softies or something else we would recieve ourselves.August 27 we start again quilting and I'm going to follow a course.I'm really looking forward doing quilts and so on.Today I ordered some muslin and some japaneese fabrics in light colours.

Tomorrow we start working after a long vacation .
I wish you all a nice new week.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm in a new swap

We are going to swap a teacup and yarn and maybee something else.
I'm really looking forward this.
It's a swap among knitters in the nordic countries.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Intarsia knitting

Saturday and I have some houres of knitting intarsia.It's going to be a bag with a type if checkboard in red,3 different grey colours and white Per Gynt and a frame in black,also in Per Gynt.After knitting everything I'm going to felt the bag in the washingmachine on 40.

Tomorrow I go on working with the bag and some other technics in knitting.I have bought a course from a swedish blogger who just now has a knittingcourse on Hammarö.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Updated my flickr

Some more pictures taken today August 9 when I was walking my favourite route.

My home and a favourite river I love to walk along

Dear all

We have had days of rain and days of lovely sunshine.With the rain I got a little flu but when the sunshine came back I really had to be on the road again.The new pictures are from yesterday when I was on my daily walk.Sorry the battery and the power ended up.But 2 pictures showing my home and a little of my favourite place where I love to walk along show you a little of my world just now.
Have a nice time.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday morning 29.7

This morning 3 young people came back from a 2 year long sailing trip.Many adventures and many thoughts they have given us through a report every Saturday in a regional newspaper.They have done what we dream about .

They said that what we search
maybe we have just where we are.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A trip to Gammelstad

I visited a wonderful place 80 kilometers from my home.A world heritage.
A sunny day and I went to Gammelstad visiting the old church and the special "village" with small houses used in the past when we had to go to church some holidays every year.Well it's a long time ago when there were no cars or something else that made it possible to go home sleeping and then come back next day.You can find many pictures on the link above and 3 on my flickr.

On where they had a handicraft day.You could see people doing tatting,felting,knitting,doing braclets and so on.I met my secret friend from Stickamera-well now she is not.Our secret period is over.

and we had a lovely chat.

I aslo met some other friends who also was knitting and so on.Sorry I took no pictures.I forgot.So sad.There are so many very good people working with different handicraft.Tomorrow, Friday 27.7, they are also showing what they do but I have no possibilities to go.Thank you all for some lovely houres.I hope we meet during the autumn/winter having more interesting houres/days.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Christmas past and only 6 months left until Christmas 2007and Harry Potter

Today I present my first embroidery for Christmas.I'm a member of a SAL and I started 2 days earlier when I had time to do some stitches.
There are 8 more to do and I don't know how I'm going to use these squares.In USA from where this pattern comes they do small decorations for a wreath or for the Christmas tree.

I'm also in a Harry Potter period.I have seen 3 films during the weekend and now I only have number 5 left and I'm waiting for the last book too.No post today??It would be great to have a pattern for Fenix,the bird who made so Harry Potter could go on living.Today I'm very tired.The weekend has in other words been very intensive,an intensive weekend with Harry Potter.

Friday, July 20, 2007

A needlebook in cross-stitch 20.7

A new day and a needlebook is ready

I made it by using a pattern from

DMC 111,221,469,935 and 3787

thin white linen

We have a lovely sunny morning and it's Friday and the end of a summer week.Still I have some weeks free and have the chance to do some embroidery,patchwork and knitting.
I wish you all a nice end of this week

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2 lovely summerdays

A lovely day with my friend

Once a year a good friend of mine and I do something together.We live so far away from each other but we try to get some houres when she comes visiting her father.
First of all we went to the new Cultural house in Luleå
What a wonderful library they have.What a great part of the house celebrating books and other media.What a happiness to be a librarian in this library.
In this house they have a exhibition hall for modern art,they have wonderful concert halls,some restaurants.We had a lovely lunch and a wonderful time to talk about life,art and handicraft.
We also was visiting a museum and could see a wonderful exhibition with embroidery and weaving art.

Update on the Quaker sampler
Go to
It's a picture taken 8.30 in the evening.I love the summer and the handicraft.
Have a nice time

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Embroideries and Yo-Yo

It has been an inspirating time with embroideries.Still I have vacation and every morning I take the chance to do something in textile.In the beginning of the week we had rainy days and I needed to do some nice things.First I made 2 patchworkblocks for a swap-no photos and I hope to get more time for quilting later this month.

First of all I made a little card reminding of east Asia-a combination of embroidery and a bead from China.When I was in Beijing we also visited a place where they did these beads and so on.Later on I have been thinking of the bad situation for the workers doing different luxury products for us.

Then I have been doing an embroidery of a Flower girl,mostly in metallic DMC,a little cotton and beads from Mill Hill.I'm a woman often dressed in jeans but I love to create the opposite,dresses ans do on decorated with beads and "gold and silver".I love to work with crazy patchwork too.When I was a little girl I loved to be a princess or an angel and my mother made me dresses and wings,not so expensive ones but I felt I was a princess or an angel.It's good to have the fantasy...even when you are older.The last days I have been in another world full of luxury......well DMC-metallic and beads......
Yo-yo is a nice way of doing a little decoration.Click on links on the link above and you find a lot to be inspitated of.
An example I also found today.Maybe it's not so practical but....

A new week starts and I have started a Quaker sampler
DMC 3808 on white linen fabric.
I love doing one or two motives a day.Now we have warm and sunny and it's also a perfect embroidery when you enjoy sitting in the garden

Have a nice week all my friends

Friday, July 06, 2007

What I did this morning

Dear all

A sunny warm morning in the north of Sweden and The Sampler girl had a sweet little square with "Harry Potter" as the theme.A freebee just to use at once.I used both silk,linen and cotton yarn on this little embroidery on Aida because the early morning was really early and no shops were opened .Thanks Tanya for a lovely morning.

July 6

Go to her website too and you find other freebees too and she has a great number of lovely patterns to buy too.

I have lovely memories with the first book about Harry Potter.My youngest son and I we read the book ,some pages each,and we had so many nice evenings reading and enjoying the story.
Now he is 19 ......

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

About biscornu-a link

Here you find instructions and examples of biscornus both with embroidey an one example of a patchwork biscornu.

Good luck.
I'm doing a new one.Pictures later this week

Monday, July 02, 2007

A biscornu from Gabriele in Berlin

I want to show you a biscornu I have got today.I'm in a swap on Freindly stitchers-a yahoo-group .
This wonderful one is made by Gabriele in Berlin.She made the embroidery on a very fine linen fabric.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Midsummer and a pair of socks

Dear all
We have been so happy for a lovely warm air and a sunshine nearly 24 hours every "day".We have had nice days in the garden and the flowers are coming.We could eat in the garden too.
I have had the possibility to rest in our hammock.Could it be better?

To knit in the garden is a favourite for me and on they published a new pattern during the Midsummer and I couldn't resist knitting them.You find the beginning of a sock and wonderful flowers from my garden on

I have made 2 rows extra between the last in pattern for square 1 and 2 -one with 5 knit on knit and 5 purl on purl and then I changed and made a row with 5 purl and 5 knit and this made it easier to follow the pattern.

Have a nice time

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Midsummer in the north of Sweden

Today 21June we have the longest day this year.Oh this beautiful daylight.

About swedish Midsummer celebrations.
Here in the north of Sweden we really have nearly no darkness at all.We really enjoy the summer now .Tomorrow it slowly starts to turn to.....

We are going to be at home enjoying being together ,both the sons are at home.We are also going to enjoy being in the garden and enjoying being active in the nature.We are going to have barbeque tomorrow and maybe we can sit in the garden eating our dinner.

I wish you all a nice summertime.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The last thing we did in the course was to do Kumihimo,a technic to do wonderful bands for different things.We tried to do the simpliest one and we succeded in doing a short one.You have some strands and twist them from 1 to 6 or ....if you use more strands you have to twist several times.I think I will use ribbons to do handles for a purse.

After that we had lunch and said goodbye.Some of us are going another year too so we meet in August /September.I'm looking forward it as we are going to do simple clothes and use some of the technics we have learnt to decorate them.
Have a nice new week

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pink little "bag" for my cellphone

A lovely free day celebrating knitting and I made this

First it was going to be a bookmark but too big and I have so many .As I'm a member of a knittingroup making bookmarks every month we get lovely patterns every month.To do a bookmark is a perfect piece to use a special pattern on and to do small presents .Now I felt this would be a perfect "girly" thing.....well also elder ladies with silver in her hair can use pink,a perfect combination with pink and silver.

Tomorrow we have the last day of our course.On Friday we made an exhibition with things we have done.10 ladies-yes we have been creative and now we have our "exam"

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A new Friday

With this picture I will wellcome a new summerday.To crochet a little flower made my day on our national day 6 June.I also bought flowers to have in the garden.White flowers have a special beauty I really love and they give my relaxing times and inspiration to do something.

I wish you the best

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summertime in the north of Sweden and new photos

The sun is shining and we have green garden and some flowers too.Just a fantasic time.
After a month full of work I try to give you some glimpses of the nice things.
First of all I want to mention "Sommarslöjd" on
where you can see a lot of laces as crochet,bobinlace,embridery,tatting,print.....both old and new design.Most of all I was fascinated in purses decorated by crochet, a crazy but beautiful combination.And so many braclets and other decoration.Thick yarn or thin metalthread or...If you are in Stockholm during the summer go and visite the exhibition.I hope I can do one more purse using a little doily, crochet one,tatted lace and some embroidery on.

On flickr I have some new pictures of purses I have made during the course and some CQ for Christmas-a heart and a tree.2 blocks for a RR on crazyquiltinginternational and 2 blocks I hope reulting in a "chicken"or a......I'll tell you later what I made.

I still work 2 weeks before my holidays so we have a lot more to do before.After that I hope I can have more time to do small projects,be outside walking or....and enjoying meetings with friends and family. I get a little more time to blog , to write letters,snailmails , and read books.

I wish you all a lovely time

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My birthday and my first biscornu

It's the first day of a new year in my life.The day has been calm and I have had time to reflect on life and handicraft.Many small gifts and some bigger ones have made me so happy.As I 'm a member of 3 swaps in different yahoo-groups and I'm really so happy to be a member of these.Every month you have somebody to make happy and this is very very good.

I have started this pattern for a biscornu ,first in yellow on white aida but I'm not satisfied with the result so I start a new one tomorrow.Maybee I use linen fabric instead.

I wish you a nice and creative week

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hairpin lace

Dear all

I want to show you a wonderful easy technic we learnt on the course this weekend.In the 60's and 70's I saw scarfs in this technic and I got one from Anna,a very great handicraft lady who has inspired me very much.She was a friend of my mother and she could so so much and give me the feeling it's a happiness to do different textile handicrafts.
You can go to and search on hairpin lace and you can find more about the technic and you can also find patterns .
Good luck

How to work with hairpin lace

My first small products you can find on my flickr.

Monday, April 30, 2007

A gift from my "hemlis=secret friend"

Dear all

It's the first day of May and now and then snowflings are falling down.Hopefully it melts down at once.We said wellcome to the spring and the lovely May.The river is still covered with ice but....The days are longer and longer.

I have been so so happy for the first lovely gift from my "hemlis",a secret friend in a knittinggroup.

Earl Grey Luxury
A chocolate soap bar-I'm still smiling.Thanks for the joke.
Thin needles so lovely to knit with
A pattern for wristwarmers
A lovely skein of silk -so so soft

Thank you once again.This is just so fun.
I have also a friend to do nice things for.Waving to her.I think you read this blog but still I'm very secret....I hope.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

To my "hemlis" on in swedish only

Hejsan "Hemlis"

1. Vilken sorts garn tycker du mest om? Ull,ull-silke,alpacka.mohair
Är det något material du absolut inte tycker om?Acryl,polyester.....
2. Vilka är dina favoritfärger?
3. Är det någon färg du absolut inte tycker om?Kanske brunt eller orange eller...
4. Vilken sorts stickor tycker du bäst om/använder du helst?
Metall,bambu eller rosenträ
Raka och strumpstickor.
5. Hur länge har du stickat?45 år
Mittemellan kanske för jag har mycket att lära ännu.
6. Dricker bara te
7. Är du allergisk mot något?Rök.
8. Vilken slags musik tycker du om?Folkmusik och klassiskt.Lyssnar egentligen på det mesta.
9. Favoritgodis?Kexchoklad men jag måste sluta med godis.
10. Håller du på med någon annan "skapande hobby", förutom stickning?
Broderi, virkning,patchwork,färga garn,knyppla.......
11. Vad tycker du är roligast att sticka? Sjalar,vantar,muddar och sockar?
12. Prenumererar du på någon sticktidning?Endast Piecework.Köper Interweave knitting.
13. Har du något drömprojekt på önskelistan?En sjal från Victorian lace.
14. Använder du pulsvärmare/handledsvärmare? I så fall, vad är ditt handledsmått?15-16. Tycker du om att sticka pulsvärmare?1Jaaaaa
6. Stickar du sockor?Ja
17. Vad har du för fotstorlek? 37
18. När fyller du år? 6 maj
19. Stickar du med pärlor?Ibland.
20. Vilken slags böcker (ej stickning) läser du helst?Romaner.Olika faktaböcker om mina olika intressen.

Ser fram emot att vara din hemliga vän.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The first new sock, friendshipdoll and some days of relax

The first sock in Regis is read.

Cuff:CO 60 on 2 1/2 on 4 needles
R 1-12 k2, 12 row

Wavy lace ribbon
Leg:R1-*k 2tog,yo,p2*.........

Then I used an ordinary sockpattern from Garnstudio for the rest of the sock.

Yesterday I did the CQ fron of the friendship doll
I'm going to do it in the samy style as my CQ-card.During the next week I maybee get the time to do some embroidery.

I have had some holidays and it has been so good to get time to just relax.I really needed it because I had a very busy time in March and also a flu now and then.Today we had a little barbeque in the "garden".Well in the white snowy garden but the snow melts down and we have a lot of sunshine.Many people have used the Eastern period to be out in the nature too.

I wish you all my friends a lovely Springtime.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Click on ....

Click on Läs om påskristet och påsken after the article about Fastlagsriset.
There you find a lovely Easter egg I dream about.Mady of sugar and decorated a little kitshy but...Only seen it once but never have had it.Costs a lot and I haven't seen them in shops for a long time.Well a dream makes you happier.


Today it's a "long Friday" when we reminds of the cruel death of Jesus.
In my chilhood the remining day was a day of silence and they only plaid some christian songs and calm music on the radio.No shops,no visits,no....well you really had a day of sorrow.For a child it was not so easy to understand.

Nowadays it's a day of resting and being in the nature or just relax and maybe visiting near friends or go by skiing or by snowscooter in the north of Sweden.You can go shopping food and so on.The Christianity has not the same role now.
You can see some pictures of decorations and so on.Sorry it's only in Swedish .Hope you can enjoy the pictures.

Happy Easter

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Project of the day

Project of the day

I wish you good luck with the preparations for Easter.Tomorrow I do this little ornament.You can finsd a lot of lovely patterns if you go to and click on freebies.Why not the lovely new sampler?!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A new CQ- card

Happy to have the possibility to show you the card I made during the weekend.It's for a swap and the new owner has got it today.

Up here in the north we still have a lot of snow but the warm and sunny days make me dreaming of flowers and berries and this card tells you a little about that.I hope it inspires you to make a card too.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A little project-a link

A new day,a new opportunity to do something.As my day is full of work I have only a few hours in the evening to do something of my own.
Why not this little project I found on a blog?

Have a nice day

Inspirational link

It's Monday and I want to give you my favorite link of the day

Nice to look at all the quilts and make the day more colourful.

Friday, March 23, 2007

What a great event

23 March

What a lovely event a long way from here but so great and inspiring.

Have a nice Friday

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Knit for peace or crochet or do embroidery or.....for peace

A special day with focus on peace

I do my second mitten this evening.
Enjoy living in a place of peace and work for peace for everyone in the world.

Monday, March 19, 2007

click on Carl sovrum and Karins sovrum

Click on Carls sovrum
Click on Karins sovrum

The bedroom of Carl Larsson

In the background you can see what inspired me.

Karin Larsson

A link to a site about Karin Larsson.

A new purse/bag

We had a challenge on the course to do a present to a famous person and I choosed Karin Larsson,a famous designer but most known as wife to a painter Carl Larsson.I was inspired by curtains she made for the bedroom of her husband.Often she made things in white/off-white linen fabric but I also saw some in black wool fabric with embroideries in bright colours.
Mostly used wool fabrics and inside cotton.The embroidery is made by linen yarn and red beads.
Now I'm knitting mittens in black and I hope I can do some embroideries on them.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the link

Go to workshop.

A new day and little "bag"

A wonderful day -a day without any work but what I choose to do.I'm going to do a "bag"A blogfriend has done the instruction to all of us.

We have + 0.2C and a little snow comes.The daylight grows and the darkness leaves us more and more.The landscape is covered with a thick cover of snow and the river has very good ice so ot's possible to use it for skiing,going by snowscooter or what you want.Not until the beginning of May we have an open river.

Socks in the special pattern I saw on mittens from Rovaniemi and my day

Wednesday-a new day with new adventures.

Another interesting blogger from Finland with knitting as a speciality.
March 4 she tells us about socks her aunt makes .They are in the same technique as the Rovaniemi mittens.
I'm knitting a second potholder for a swap in blue with an edge in white.
Tomorrow I start a little bag/purse I found on the blog of Hideko and Ati.
Have a nice day

Sunday, March 04, 2007

February /March

Embroidery and quilting in a lovely combination I really love.
These 2 blogs are wonderful and I often find inspirations here.They both have links helping you to find new bloggers and useful information.

Hideko made a purse.Maybee I do one too.
I'm going to take part in a course in free embroidery,a course I follow at home and send in the results of each lesson and then get response.It's a course 2 members of Täcklebo broderiakademi started.


I have been 2 times to Finland the last weeks.
Mittens from Rovaniemi
October 2005 there you find a pair of mittens.Lovely soft colours in a special technique.
February 2006
She shows a little about the technique with several small "skeins".

I bought a pair of mittens in Rovaniemi but it seems to be patterns from Inari.Bright colours as in the traditional mittens from Rovaniemi but not the right pattern.Black main colour.
We also visited
A nice but a little but too commercial place where you can find the"Santa",our fantasy figure who comes on Christmas Eve with presents to the family and especially to all the kind children.Often the mother or the father wnt out buying a newspaper or something else and he or she couldn't meet the Santa but the Santa left the presents also for the absent person.What fascinated me very much was the thousands of different Santas in different materials and forms.And the many tourists from many countries visiting this place.
We saw very big snowmen in snow -nearly double a human being in lenght.Very very nice.And the children could play a little too,slide on the ice. f ex.

I have made wristwarmers in feather stitch and 2 potholders
English pattern for the potholders and other patterns.Choose english.

Monday, January 22, 2007

An angel in cross-stitch to make today

And if you want to do a sweet little embroidery

I only made the angel and the flakes/stars-no words but it says Happy new 2007.
White stitches with a little gold in the middle of the stars/flakes and perhaps a little on the hair on natural coloured linen fabric seems to be my favourite combination.I have done it in the colures the chart says and it's also very lovely.

Have a nice day

-30C and snowflakes

Have a nice day.

Started early this morning by driving a friend to the bus..................-30C............................
Today is a perfect day sitting inside .
If you need inspirarion I send you 2 favourite links for crocheting a little winter project.

I have to go working all the day and I have about 2 kilometers to walk.Much warm clothes and it's OK but...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kaffe Fassett design

Tomorrow I go to Stockholm visiting

Click on Pressbilder to the left of the site and then click on Kaffe Fassett

You can find some of his embroideries and knittings designed by him.
I'm also visiting other exhibitíons and have a great dinner there.More about my weekend next week.

I wish you a nice weekend

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Projects ,life and winter.

The fourth day of work starts in an hour.We have a lovely morning with -10.6 C,a sky full of stars and a moon also brightening up the dark morning.Every morning is a gift but some mornings are more comfortable after many good dreams,many hours of sleeping and a day not so full of hard work.

1.If you want to do a little knitting-do what I did yesterday evening.Off-white cotton yarn.Why not pink or read or........

2.If you want to celebrate Christmas or winter.

I hope the have 2 hearts in cross-stich freebies still on their site.

3.A smaller embroidery?

4.I wish to buy and do this little embroidery for a bag.A crazy-quilt lady from Janlynne

I wish you all my friends a nice end of the week,the second one of 2007.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A week of holidays

Happy new year all my friends.

-0.1 and a thin powder of new white snow.6 days until the first day at work 2007.Enjoyed familylife.Birthday for my younger son and my elder came home from Tokyo.
To rest a little give you time to reflect over the life and the situation on the earth.

Some thoughts.

Why do some countries have capital punishment when you are not as a private person allowed to kill?
Nobody has the right to short the life of another person,not even a state.

We have so much to be grateful of.Why are we not?
Do we live in a world of fantasy or..?
Catch the day.

To have friends is a great gift to a human being.
To have a family is a great gift to a human being.
To live in peace is a great gift to a human being.

What am I going to do these days of holidays?

I'm knitting socks in white and I use a pattern,Snow Flakes by Jeanie Townsend.The link above shows how the sock looks like.

A nice little embroidery made by a creative women.She also sell beautiful samplers.

Perhaps I have time to do a little scissor fob or ornament from Alchemy Stitchcraft.She has a lovely group too and there I found a little embroidery(2"x2") in cross-stitch and with some small beads on too.

And I 'm going to talk walks in the warm winterdays.
And go on enjoing the familylife.
And read some pages in a great nove.

Well well some of it...........Can't stop being a time optimist.