Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

Today it's the last day of 2015 and we hope we are going to have a nice and creative new 2016.We also wish peace in the world .

A package from a dear friend also came brightening up our day.Thank you so much.This morning I had some chocolate and a cup of a tea .So so good start of a new knitting day.
The KAL of Christmas Eve socks are going on and hopefully I have a sock knitted until January 1.My younger son also wished a pair of socks and the first one is on the needles.Hopefully they are ready in the end of January .Sock knitting is very relaxing so hopefully I have time to knit even when we started working again.The holidays are going very fast now .

Happy New Year to all my readers.
So happy for your message and comments on the blog.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The second Sunday in Christmas and a KAL

The second Sunday in Christmas and we have more relaxing day.My sister with her DH gave us lovely tulips when they were celebrating Christmas Eve and the Christmas Day with us.In the background you can see a wreath made by the wife of my son and we have had it for some years.Still it's so beautiful.We have had warmer days than usual,more like spring days and with very little snow.Yesterday it was raining.Totally crazy.

As I told you I'm going to participate in some KAL but the only one I have started is the Christmas Eve can see a OPAL skein of varigated yarn with a sparkling thread.A very nice knitting in my favourite colours.

Wish you all a nice time.
I'm so happy to get some comments from you so please go on giving them.I love comments from you.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Christmas day

                                          Wish you all a nice Christmas day.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas to you all

Early morning and the Christmas tree ,decorated by my son and my DH.Send you all a Merry Christmas .

Monday, December 21, 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A relaxing Saturday and KAL starting on the Christmas Eve.

Yesterday I'v got a lovely pot with Christmas roses from a dear friend at work.It's the first time with the white Christmas roses, for us I have only artificial ones.And the Santa pot is just georgious and it's an old one her grandmother had  a long time ago.I'm so blessed having my friend.We have the same working room and we have the happiness to meet each other 4 days a week.To have someone to deal bouth happy things and things we have so hard to handle with.

The first KAL is  wooly cap/hat,is going to be presented on as a mystery's a KAL you can need at least 10 different colours or 3 colours or.......can it be inspired by knitted things on Shetland island or Estonia or Latvia.....?So exciting.
I have 3 options.
*white and grey colours
*Bright colours where I', going to use mini skeins from my stash
*Jamieson & Smith yarns in different colours

The second on is on Ravelry .She has a blog too.
we are going to use the yarn we want and I only think we are going to choose our pattern ourselves.
as you can see she has a videopod you can look on.I'm so fond of different ones .It's so wonderful to follow knitters who really are knitting a lot.
I love to listen to and learning more about knitting.They also have lovely pictures.The pod is only in swedish.

The Christmas days are going very fast so I'm not going to have so much knitting time.The things I'm going to do I'm going to blog about.

I'm so happy to see several friends have been visiting my blog.So happy if you write some comments too.Wish you a nice time.

See you very soon

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Dear reader.A long time has gone and now we are waiting for Christmas and with that also longer time with daylight.As you can see the first Christmas gifts  have arrived from a dear friend in Japan.(I'v got it more than a week ago)

I love to do handmade gifts but this year I have not been so active as I wished.The small mittens are for Love,my little grandchild.Still they have warmer in Japan but soon he maybee need this small ones.For my DH I have made a pair of socks in white and with the same pattern as Love has on his mittens
Simple but nice pattern.
Row 1  k2,p2,k2,p2 and so on
Row 2   k all
Row 3   k 2,p2,k2,p2 and so on
Row 4   k all

Today we are celebrating Santa Lucia
So many wonderful songs and all the lights make us feel happier.

I wish you all a nice day

Friday, July 31, 2015

The first day in August

An ordinary day with my grandchild.It has been so wonderful to take a walk along the river with him.He has been sleeping a lot but he also has been a little social .In the evening I have had time to knit ,mostly the socks.The res/pink ones are done this summer but the black ones are from a "second sock syndrom" but now they also are ready .Now I have new socks for the autumn and winter and that's really nice.Hopefully I'm finding new patterns and new yarn to use later this year too.I'm a big fan of handmade socks.

Friday, July 10, 2015


The summer is here even if we still have not warm att all,about + 15C,but we have vacantion .Just now we are preparing for the elder son and his little family coming on Wednesday so there are just now only a little knitting and only some stiches of embroidery.i have been reorganasing my stash.So many memories and so many dreams that never are going to be fullfilled.
This week we have some roses,these pink ones smells so good and they really give us so much joy.I'm knitting a new pair of socks in bright colours,made in yarn from Regia.
In the end of July we may have a lot of strawberries.As it has been a rainy and not so warm June,beginning of July,it takes time the get the berries.
A little embroidery in "blekingesöm",done for a beginner, and I did it even if it wasn't easy to get the stitches so beautiful.Next time I would love to use cotton yarn or thinner linen yarn.

Monday, June 29, 2015

A pair of socks perfect for colder days and pictures from a short travel

We have had perfect days for sock knitting .Perfect also when you need to relax and play with colours.The last pair I did is made in Regia,Design Line by Arne and Carlos,in colour 03657 and a blue Fabel from my stash.I used needles 2.5.As I only had one skein of Regia I had to find out how to get a pair of socks and I'm satisfied with the result.
On the way to grandmother we made a stop at Jokkfall,a fall in the river of Kalix.Here we could see people fishing salmons.A beautiful place to take time to rest a little too.
Near her house, every year at the Midsummer time ,we can see those beautiful yellow flowers.Then we know the summer is coming. Wish you all a nice day.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Midsummer

Slowly the flowers are coming and with them the warmer summer days.The photo is taken in the little forest near us where we also can pick berries in the end of July and during August. A new embroidery in "Blekingesöm" is on the way.This is going to be a little sampler with common patterns on.Only 25cm x 25 cm.Linen fabric and linen yarn.A perfect embroidery for the weekend. Wish you all a lovely Midsummer,the time when we have nearly no darkness.Then it turns to darker seasons but slowly.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Dala-Floda and Embroidery

On the course in Dala-Floda we also learnt a little about wool embroidery,mostly with lovely flowers in strong colours.You can find them on the folk art clothes ,both onclothes for women and men.We could learn how to do the best stitches and where to start.Hard work.I also could see that different yarns were more or less useful or more kind for us who were newbees.But what wonderful embroidery houres we had.The days were to short. On this blog you can find(only in swedish) pictures and so on about knitting and embroidery,also on mittens Here you can see a postcard I bought and how the embroidery also looks like
What a great day this was too.Hopefully I'm going on next yearwith this too.There are so many thing to enjoy and to learn.My second goal for the rest of 2015 is to do some more embroideries in wool As you all can see I have a lot to learn before I'm doing this embroidery very well but I never give up.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Twined knitting

My first attempt,in the middle of the book, to do twined knitting is very interesting but every stitch takes time.I'm very happy for this way of doing a very good a good quality as you always use 2 strands of yarn.We use z-twined yarn,the common yarns are s-twined.My goal for the rest of 2015 is to do a pir of mittens,hopefully with embroidery on.I'm going to do them in Wåhlstedts z-twined yarn I have bought on my visit in Dala-Floda.On a flee market I bought this pair of mittens,made in thin white wool with a pattern in black you can find also in weaving and embroidery. here you can follow how to purl how to knit how to do "krokmaskor" In my first attempt I have made all but not "krokmaskor"

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sakura in cross stitch made during the Easter holidays

Easter 2015 was the Sakura time for example in Japan where I have a part of my family and some friends.I really wanted to be there but instead I was at home relaxing and trying to get rid of a flu.In my stash I had an embroidery,half done,I had bought from Tradera.Yes, Easter is a perfect time to do small handicrafts in the morning before you are going on a walk along the river.We already have a lot of daylight too. The embroidery is designed by someone in Denmark 1986.It's made on linen fabric with cotton threads.I really enjoyed this mostly made in pink colours. Wish you all a nice weekend

A lovely gift

Some days ago this lovely pincushion in sashiko embroidery came to my postbox.What a great surprice and what a wonderful gift in a style I really love.I'm trying to learn more about sashiko and about indigo so with this I have got new inspiration to go on with.Thank you so so much dear Sharon.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The front part of a biscornu I'm so happy to be ready with this part of a pincushion as it has been a hard work to be doing an enbroidery on 32ct.I really love the beautiful pattern a handicraft friend,Margaret, choosed for us to this SAL.So thankful. Wish you all a lovely new day.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine

Wintertime and a little time for knitting.Today the little cardigan is totally ready for our little grandchild hopefully coming inte next 2 weeks.I made it in M&K Eco cotton.A simple but a very nice pattern.It's so special to do something for someone you don't know,not yet.I choosed cotton as it's going to be born in Tokyo as they only have a very short wintertime.The choice of colour was inspired by the baby room in soft colours,mostly in off white and details in soft green. I wish all my readers a nice Happy Valentine (Still you can't write any comments as I try to get rid of those who are sending spam.I'm so happy you are visiting me.)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas gifts,snow and a part of an embroidery.

We have a clear not so cold winter day and I have been taking some photos.First I want to show you a lovely bowl I'v got from a dear penfriend in Japan and a wonderful little sashoko tablecloth from a penfriend in USA.What a happiness to get real letters and small gifts from friends I'v never met but we have been penfriends for many years.Very very inspiring. In the forest we have at least 50 centimeters of snow and the trees are covered by snow.I have taken a long walk enjoying the white landscape and today most of the streets are ready to use. I'm participating in a SAL in a yahoo group and there we are doing small items in ,for me,linen fabric 32ct.Hard for the eyes but it goes even if it goes slowely.We use a varigate DMC the end t's going to be a pincushion/biscornu. Dear friends. Still you can't give commentaries as I have had problems with a lot of SPAM.I'm so thankful you are visiting me and I can see that some of you are.