Thursday, March 29, 2007

Project of the day

Project of the day

I wish you good luck with the preparations for Easter.Tomorrow I do this little ornament.You can finsd a lot of lovely patterns if you go to and click on freebies.Why not the lovely new sampler?!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A new CQ- card

Happy to have the possibility to show you the card I made during the weekend.It's for a swap and the new owner has got it today.

Up here in the north we still have a lot of snow but the warm and sunny days make me dreaming of flowers and berries and this card tells you a little about that.I hope it inspires you to make a card too.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A little project-a link

A new day,a new opportunity to do something.As my day is full of work I have only a few hours in the evening to do something of my own.
Why not this little project I found on a blog?

Have a nice day

Inspirational link

It's Monday and I want to give you my favorite link of the day

Nice to look at all the quilts and make the day more colourful.

Friday, March 23, 2007

What a great event

23 March

What a lovely event a long way from here but so great and inspiring.

Have a nice Friday

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Knit for peace or crochet or do embroidery or.....for peace

A special day with focus on peace

I do my second mitten this evening.
Enjoy living in a place of peace and work for peace for everyone in the world.

Monday, March 19, 2007

click on Carl sovrum and Karins sovrum

Click on Carls sovrum
Click on Karins sovrum

The bedroom of Carl Larsson

In the background you can see what inspired me.

Karin Larsson

A link to a site about Karin Larsson.

A new purse/bag

We had a challenge on the course to do a present to a famous person and I choosed Karin Larsson,a famous designer but most known as wife to a painter Carl Larsson.I was inspired by curtains she made for the bedroom of her husband.Often she made things in white/off-white linen fabric but I also saw some in black wool fabric with embroideries in bright colours.
Mostly used wool fabrics and inside cotton.The embroidery is made by linen yarn and red beads.
Now I'm knitting mittens in black and I hope I can do some embroideries on them.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the link

Go to workshop.

A new day and little "bag"

A wonderful day -a day without any work but what I choose to do.I'm going to do a "bag"A blogfriend has done the instruction to all of us.

We have + 0.2C and a little snow comes.The daylight grows and the darkness leaves us more and more.The landscape is covered with a thick cover of snow and the river has very good ice so ot's possible to use it for skiing,going by snowscooter or what you want.Not until the beginning of May we have an open river.

Socks in the special pattern I saw on mittens from Rovaniemi and my day

Wednesday-a new day with new adventures.

Another interesting blogger from Finland with knitting as a speciality.
March 4 she tells us about socks her aunt makes .They are in the same technique as the Rovaniemi mittens.
I'm knitting a second potholder for a swap in blue with an edge in white.
Tomorrow I start a little bag/purse I found on the blog of Hideko and Ati.
Have a nice day

Sunday, March 04, 2007

February /March

Embroidery and quilting in a lovely combination I really love.
These 2 blogs are wonderful and I often find inspirations here.They both have links helping you to find new bloggers and useful information.

Hideko made a purse.Maybee I do one too.
I'm going to take part in a course in free embroidery,a course I follow at home and send in the results of each lesson and then get response.It's a course 2 members of T├Ącklebo broderiakademi started.


I have been 2 times to Finland the last weeks.
Mittens from Rovaniemi
October 2005 there you find a pair of mittens.Lovely soft colours in a special technique.
February 2006
She shows a little about the technique with several small "skeins".

I bought a pair of mittens in Rovaniemi but it seems to be patterns from Inari.Bright colours as in the traditional mittens from Rovaniemi but not the right pattern.Black main colour.
We also visited
A nice but a little but too commercial place where you can find the"Santa",our fantasy figure who comes on Christmas Eve with presents to the family and especially to all the kind children.Often the mother or the father wnt out buying a newspaper or something else and he or she couldn't meet the Santa but the Santa left the presents also for the absent person.What fascinated me very much was the thousands of different Santas in different materials and forms.And the many tourists from many countries visiting this place.
We saw very big snowmen in snow -nearly double a human being in lenght.Very very nice.And the children could play a little too,slide on the ice. f ex.

I have made wristwarmers in feather stitch and 2 potholders
English pattern for the potholders and other patterns.Choose english.