Sunday, January 20, 2013

A blue mug rug.

The second mug rug from the "Mug Rug Rally" is made of blue fabrics from my stash and the blueberry fabric and the berry fabrics in red are from those I'v got from friends in this "Rally". I put some small fabrics in blue ,red and pink to the collection of fabrics which I sent away to the next quilter. Thank you all in this event who have given fabrics to us.Now a new quilter is doing rugs.Very exciting to follow fabrics during this "event".How long does it exist?Hopefully a very long time. Wish you a nice new week

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vinnare i mugrugrally

1.Vinnare i "mugrugrally" Skicka ditt namn och din adress till min mail. 2.Ett tröstpris:några små bitar tyg som kan vara början till en muggmatta.Tygbitarna är en liten gåva av mig till dig Birgitta Wendel. Skicka din adress tili min mail

Saturday, January 05, 2013

"mug rug rally".Vill du vara med i lottdragningen på lördag?

Till svenska kviltbloggare.Anmäl dig till att få delta i "mugrugrallyt" senast 12 januari 18.00.Vinnare dras 19.00 och om jag har fått namn och adress så skickas tygerna söndag 13 januari.Kanske är det din lyckodag. Den andra "mugrug" som jag skall göra utgår i ett tyg med blåbär och med eget tyg.Mer om den under veckan.
A little mug rug in japaneese folding pattern.I participate in a Mug rug making by fabrics I'v got and a little from my own stash.Next Sunday I'm going to send fabrics I didn't use and some I have from my own stash. The red solid fabric was in the envelope I'v got and the star fabric is from my stash.Another fabric inspiring me is with blueberries on.About that mug rug next week Wish you all a lovely weekend

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Christmas gifts from my friend M in Japan

A postbox from Japan from my lovely friend M.I started to I had to take a photo first.She has used fabric ribbons for the box and this is just so perfect decoration on a very beautiful paper.In the box I found the "bag" with applications she made for me and in the "bag" a new origami box she has made.Can you imagine? In the box I found a coaster ,a crocket one in soft green and white.Also 2 pens,a card and a kind letter.I'm totally overwhelmed.Thank you M .I know you are reading my blog.