Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A winter weaving in "bunden rosengång"

December 26 and we have a lovely winter day in the north of Sweden.
I want to send you a Marry Christmas and a Happy New year with this winter  picture of a weaving I made.It´s made in "bunden rosengång".I used thin wool yarn,hand dyed ,and in warp a thin cotton warp .

Wish you a nice winter day

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Wellcome to my blog again.I have decided to start my blog again and it's going to be  about handicraft,both what I'm doing and what I'm inspired of.

Today it's the first Sunday in Advent and we have candles brightening the day.It's a very short period of daylight here in the north.This time a year I try to knit socks to the family  and I'm giving it as a Christmas gift

A very inspiring blog with  a very nice Christmas pattern in cross stitch.I don't who the designer is.

Wish you a nice day