Sunday, March 26, 2006

quilting weekend

Happy to be back again after a long time full of different "must".This weekend I participated in an online quilting on engelbee-a yahoo group I'm a member of.Our "teacher" is Rita and she has made a lesson how to do a threadspool quilt.And I did a version on it.I have not done the quiltstitches and a frame but as it is now I'm very happy for it.Thank you Rita.

Last weekend I was on a course in scrap quilting and I used small pieces of fabric for the spooles,not striped as it was on the "pattern".I'm happy to find that this technic to use scraps gives many opportunities .As you can see I have not used but 3 fabrics twice.I'm going to play with scraps many times more.They are also useful when you make cards so don't throw away small piecies of fabrics.

The winter with snow and cold nights is normal this time a year.I couldn't but buy this flower bouquet to remind me of the season coming late up here.It reminds me of Easter which comes in a few weeks.We have a time with much daylight,not yet 24 but....