Thursday, August 31, 2006

A snowflake and crochet mittens in winter wool

The sun is still shining and it's warm outside,an autumn so nice and bright.The winter is a long way from here but I couldn't resist doing a little snowflake/a little doily.I'm in a Snowflake CAL an every Monday some women in the world crochet a snowflake.Most of the ones I have made have been gifts to friends.Mostly used in the Christmas tree but this one can a doily,a small one.

From Hege in Norway,a swapfriend for August, I'v got a lovely yarn I have used for crochet mittens anf felted in the washingmachine(40 degrees).It must be yarn not superwash prepared.You also use a special soap.Soft and warm and so beautiful.Hege thank you once again.The yarn is just perfect.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Swap in summertime

A doily I'v got from my Summer secret friend on Crochetville,Fe in the Philipines,is white and really big in pineapple pattern and this is really a lovely one in a thin cotton yarn.Thank you Fe.Sorry I have no link to your blog.She also sent me a lot of yarn,patterns and beads so I'm really prepared for a new crochet season.She has been so kind writing mails and e-cards during the period we had the swaptime.

A just wonderful very special brooch came from my Project spectrum friend in July(lilac/pink colours)Judy in Australia.She makes so many lovely beadworks.She works very artistic.What a happines to have her as a swapfriend.She has also sent my lovely presents as beads and yarn in a great variety of qualities.And some small bijouteries.Thank you Judy.You also gave ne so many things to do lovely embroideries and crochet and....

Later this autumn/winter I come back showing more gifts and what I use them to.

Have a nice new week.I have started working again and there are fewer houres to do handicraft but very worthful ones.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

An air of late summer

An air of late summer

The flowers in the garden have colours of yellow and orange and I couldn´t but crochet this little doily as a remember of the last flowers this summer.

From the course on Gotland some recycling things as bottles and tubes and decorations in crochet and knitting.Our teacher had made some prototypes and we had a breat fun doing different experiments.What a great fun.

Friday, August 11, 2006

6 weird things/habits about myself

Yasmin tagged me and here comes my answer.

1.I can't resist beautiful fabrics.

2.I can't resist beautiful beads and yarn.

3.I often start a project and don't do it ready in time.

4.I try do do things 5 minutes before stop-time.

5.I have many plans/dreams that I never fullfill.

6.I often buy candies when I buy food and I eat it myself.

Have a nice Friday.

Monday, August 07, 2006

A bag I made for a secret friend in Australia

Hello all

I'm back after some days full of knitting and and joy.So much inspiration an so many new skeins of yarn.And all the nice chats with knitting friends from different parts of Sweden.About knitting I write another day.
I only present a bag made in the middle of July.It's made by japaneese fabrics and a little cross-stitch embroidery,a part of a free pattern on the member site of DMC.The colours of the bag are, in reality, a bit darker.I had some different ideas about this bag but the embroidery was a little too dark so I had to choose among my fabrics so the bag could be more bright.The blue japaneese fabrics can be dark too so you have to get some lighter blocks or strips to get the patterns more clear.I'm very satisfied with the result.And the new owner is happy for the new bag.A women can not have too many bags

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

one more links to crochet flowers and to a bookmark

One more link to crochet flowers
And why not crochet a bookmark

Enjoy the things you can crochet in a few hours.