Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A cup with yarn from Ingamay

Today the sun started shining and the postman came with a package from the swap A cup with yarn.You can look at all the present she sent me and you understand the happiness I feel.Many thanks to my swapfriend.
Ingamay has a blog really worth following.I can see she has been on Gotland and there she bought me lovely tea.She has knitted lovely blue and white potholders too.Maybe she knows I try to learn sewing clothes.Lovely buttons.And she wish me a safer walk using a reflex.And the candy....I couldn't resist eating it after the dinner.

And the cup from Rörstrand.Just so georgious.Fantastic.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Leslie's block

I want to show you the stitches I did on Leslie's block

This is a RR in Crazyquilt.I love embroidery and patchwork in a combination.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The first little quiltie

A quiltie is a little quilt,about 5"x5".You are free to choose way of doing a textile picture.I have done this first one combining patchwork,traditional embroidery and embroidery with beads.The fabrics are from different handdyed cotton,mostly a little bit ugly and not so perfect dyed at all.Try to find squares or stripes and use them and go on creating.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Autumn leaves,a new shawl and a square in cross-stitch

Dear all

Autumn colours in red and yellow are very common in the landscape.Very beautiful but also a remindness of the winter that comes in October/November.Therefore I made a shawl in 100% wool from Hedängen,a yarn a secret friend sent me and I love it.The varigated yarn makes me so happy.

I also show you a square I made for a swap,a square I really like .The colours are also inspired of the autumn.

Have a nice day

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A challenge by Freja

Dear all

Freja,a dear friend of mine, made a challenge for me and she wants me to tell 8 habits/things about me.Thank you Freja for the invitation.

1.I wear jeans every day,mostly blue ones.
2.I love starting new projects even if I have 100 UFO's.
3.I love getting real letters written by hand and decorated with beautiful stamps.I love writing letters to friends home and abroad.I have some penpals.
4.Every human being you meet has a great novel to tell you.And your novel can be told.Don't miss it.The life has many colours so go on "painting"as long as you can.
5.I'm afraid of getting Alzheimer as my mother and some of her relatives got.
6.My sons are my jewels.The best thing I have got in my whole life.
7.We are all equal even if we have different possibilities.
8.Work for piece and understanding.Begin with yourself and go on......

I send you reader this challenge and I hope you find something about yourself you had forgotten.Please send a note when you do it.I know many of you already have done this .

I wish you a creative new week