Sunday, September 30, 2012

A new pair of socks

We have a very nice group on Facebook where we have a knitting cafĂ© 2 times a week.Last week a lady showed a pair of socks for a baby,yes we had the theme "Small things",and I really fell in love with the simple pattern for socks. Every pattern is on 5 stitches. Row 1 knit 3,yo,knit2tog..... Row 2 knit 3,lift 1 knit 1 psso,yo............. Row 1 Row 2 The socks are knitted in 100& wool(25 g/85 meters) 0-6 months 40 stitches Needles 3mm As I´m working full time mostly I´m doing small items as socks and mittens.My passion for reading novels also takes time.Maybe I'm going to listen to novels on cd as the evenings are darker and darker.A cup of tea and listening to a good novel?Or listening to music?Or good programs on the radio?Or taking a nice walk?Very relaxing. The time goes so fast so I have decided to blog on Sundays.It would be so nice to get comments from you about what you are doing when you are relaxing. Wish you all a lovely relaxing Sunday

Saturday, September 01, 2012


The evenings are darker and darker.A new table cloth, a vintage one,and the flowers,made by a thin cover on the birch tree,are brightening up our home.
In the garden we have a lot of berries,these are for the birds.
And in the little forest near the house we still have a lot of blueberries,perfect for the breakfast or for.....
The socks for charity are ready. As the time goes by so fast and the vacationes have ended I'm doing some plans for the Christmas gifts.But before that starts today I'm going to have my breakfast. Wish my readers a nice Sunday It would be nice if you take time to write a little comment about your life this time a year.