Sunday, April 27, 2008

Doll quilt

Monday morning and the doll quilt is ready.I have been inspired of the sun and the river in summertime.I have used cotton fabrics and the stitches mostly are in cotton but some are DMC metallic.

Please go to
to see a better picture of the one I sent away.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A potholder in paper yarn and a felted bowl

Last weekend we had a nice time in Borås.I bought a pattern and paper yarn to do potholders.Hard to crochet but a nice result.Well not so useful as a potholder but as a decoration.We also used paper yarn when we tried to weave small items.More about that another day.I also learned a little abour felting and the first we did was to do a pattens.My flower is a happy flower but not a perfect one.I used spring colours as we had a sunny day and we saw beautiful flowers.Here in the north we still have a lot of snow.The potholder is on the snow when I took a photo of it.Just now we have a very great difference ,in the south of Sweden a landscape that change to spring/summer and in the north the snow slowly melt down.Still the river is frozen but the ice is weaker and you can't be on it I think.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bright wristwarmers in knitting and crochet-Lara Croft

Lara Croft also has done a pattern for socks in crochet.It's in spanish but I think you can get an idea how to do even if you can't spanish.

An online knitting magazine on has these wristwarmer in their latest edition and I really love the bright colours and the pattern inspired by the "Korsnäs sweater".Why not do mittens inspired of this pattern because it's more wearable if you live in a part of the world where we have real winter.I also like the idea to combine knitting and crochet.Hopefully I have time to do them during the summer holidays.
Here you find the designer Danielle Kassner aka Lara Croft.She has done many things using some colours and patterns in crochet things.Go and be inspired.She also is in Ravelry- a knitting and crochet comunion online.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cherry blossom in Japan

Cherry blossom in the evening.Wonderful even if the colours are pale.The spring is beautiful also in Japan and these pictures were sent to us from our son who lives outside Tokyo.So nice to start a new week with these flowers in my mind.Thank you my dear son.

The last knittings

It has been a time of work but also some minutes/houres of knitting.Even if the winter is leaving us I love to think of next winter.

Wristwarmers are lovely to wear even in the springtime and I did the in soft yarn,the burgund ones are in merino wool.The striped ones are made of Regia silk,a yarn I tried to use to socks but it's really thin and I tried to do cables and I couldn't get a good result so.....wristwarmers are perfect to do of it.

Mittens in wool....yes I love the clear winterdays when the sun is shining.I long for more shiny winter days but I also long for the summertime.The pattern is very common in the nordic countries and I love it.It reminds me of the lovely snowflakes in different patterns,some are like thin lace,other are bigger and in the fantasy you can see "flowers"