Saturday, May 31, 2014

A new year in my life

A new year in my life started when we had a lot to do at work.Friends and family made my birthday so nice and inspirating.Flowers from the man i my life,my sister and from my friends at work and a lovely wreath made especially for me from M's wife.So so wonderful.Most of them still are so lovely.I'v got a lot of gifts from friends in Denmark,Norway,Finland,Sweden,Japan and USA.Those lovely gifts are handmade,or fabrics,patterns or yarn.In 3 weeks we have summer holidays and I'm going to use some gifts foor quilting,knitting or embroidery. Today I started a new pair of socks in a thin yarn.The needles are in wood and they are doing the knitting so lovely.Today I have made 3 1/2 pair of socks,the second black sock is not ready.Hopefully this is not going to be the second sock syndrome. Wish you all a nice weekend